Friday, April 26, 2013

Zoo Babies

Back in July, when Willow's little Blackberry was born, my friend brought her friend out to see the baby llama. Her friend is a vet tech for the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Apparently she went back to the zoo and told of my wonderful colorful baby goats to the keepers at the Kid Zone.  The head keeper contacted me, came out to see my goats, then started the process of setting me up to be an official "zoo vender". It has been a ten month process but like she said, "the zoo doesn't do anything fast".  I am pretty excited to have some of my colorful babies for all the world to see.

Last week, I had an appointment to visit with the keepers and see the areas they will be keeping the babies.  The keeper that I have been working with was called away to an animal behavior seminar so I met with Natalie, the zoo biologist. When she met me at the gate she said, "Are you Wendy?" when I said I was she said, " You just looked like someone who likes goats" Oh man....I try really hard not to. I know she meant it as a compliment but I'm going to have to make that appointment for a haircut and spend some of my money on clothes and not a new herdsire.
We started out with a tour of the hospital where all the lions, tiger, and bears have their treatments and surgery. I would have loved to see a large animal having surgery.....I saw a budgie.

I was then shown the quarantine area where the babies will spend the first month. It is big and airy and I'm sure they are going to enjoy all the special treatment that they will get while waiting for their public debut in the Kid Zone.
Next we made our way to Kid Zone goat area. It looked like a lot of fun for a goat. Tables and stumps to climb on, a huge scratching brush, a hut to get away from annoying children, and all painted in bright fun colors. Everything was clean, well organized, and a farmer's dream. Imagine going into the barn and having all the supplies you are ever going to need right at your fingertips. I have a thing for spreading clean shavings and I saw a mountain of shavings bales that took my breath away. I looked with a critical eye and only saw the best of care and organization.

They have a wipe board for everything.

I have three does bred to kid within three days of one another. We need 4 bucks out of these three does. We expect the kids to arrive the first of May.

I'd better fit in a haircut before then.


petoskystone said...

Heavens, they look ready to pop! Congratulations on reaching vendor status :)

Amy L. said...

Nice! I worked at PDZA's aquariums during college. I still love it there. :)

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Good on ya' lady! That sounds awesome. When they get there, I'll bring the Tot down to pet them - she's older now and not so standoffish!
And I choose to interpret "you look like someone who likes goats" to mean: "You look kind, calm, and down to earth."

Yeah. That's the ticket.

Terry said...

30 years ago I was at a very fancy wedding in Manhattan. I was all dressed up. I met a gorgeous young stockbroker. He said, "you look like someone who has goats." I didn't then. I do now. And I'm pleased I don't have the stockbroker.

Marigold said...

Congratulations! How exciting. I do hope it wasn't the smell that gave you away. :)