Friday, August 5, 2011


As you know the herd is on milk test(the herd being Cora Belle who is the only one milking) and with the information came a letter that explained the need for a verification test if you had a doe milking in the top ten goats of their breed. They sent the top ten numbers and Cora Belle was smack dab in the middle of the top ten in Nigerians. A verification test was in order to get recognized by ADGA.
Today was that day when another tester came out to verify that CB was indeed milking a whole lot of milk. The poor tester had to drive to the farm three times instead of two. The first to set the time and the next two actual tests where the milk is weighed and sampled.
CB is consistently at 4 pounds a day. She was giving 6 pounds for a while and if we can hold at 4 we should be looking good. I use the collective we. CB is bored with the whole process. She has better things to do than eat alfalfa and make milk like all the rest of the girls in the top ten. She is flirting with Pepe and worried about where the Tiny Giant went off to.
We have done 5 tests with 5 more to go. Eat Cora Belle Eat.


Millie said...

Oh dear. I hope she doesn't get too distracted.

Marigold said...

No goat in their right mind can resist good alfalfa, can they? Food always wins out over love, doesn't it? Cora Belle! Pay attention!