Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seeing Pink

As some of you might know the men in my family are big into racing. In our case it is and always has been motocross. Our niece and her family are big into it too. She happens to work at a very nice track in the hills of the Central Coast in California. On our recent trip to California to see our kids we took a side trip so the guys could ride with Tami and her family at the very nice track.
It was a weekday so the track was quiet with only a few trucks around and only a handful of riders going around the track. As my son came off the track he informed me that Carey Hart was there.

"What! If he's here then that means Pink is here somewhere."

"We give Pink her space while she's here supporting her husband," my niece said in a way that told me she was use to seeing celebrities.

"I'm not giving her her space. I love Pink. I'm going to go find her".

Now I'm a huge Pink fan. In fact, every day after work, I get in my car and turn the key and "Raise Your Glass" is on the radio so I sing it at the top of my lungs all the way home. I have a short commute.
Just that morning I had read the People article and saw the beautiful baby pictures of new baby, Willow.
I was not going to give Pink her space. Besides the dogs needed to be walked and it wasn't against the law for me to walk them over by their truck was it?
So I walked a little closer to the truck parked in the shade but didn't see anyone. I thought it might be odd to just hang out so started back when all of a sudden I saw a head in the truck. The head had short hair but it didn't look blond so I walked away. I did want to see Pink but I didn't want to go tap on the window. I was trying to give her some space. I walked the dogs back not wanting to go against the management (my niece).
After a while I crawled into our truck and took my little power nap. When I crawled out of the truck, my family informed me that Pink was indeed there....but was now gone. Apparently, the guy that runs the track went over to talk to Carey and there she was,breast feeding.

"Why didn't you get me up?" I wailed.

"Because we give Pink her space when she's here."

So if you are out there Pink and google your name and this comes up, even though I deeply regret it, I gave you your space. Enjoy your new baby.

picture taken from the internet courtesy of People Magazine and Baby as Art- which I must say takes beautiful photos.


Ruta said...

Even though you gave her's a cool story! :)

Marigold said...

Oy. So close and yet so far.

Anonymous said...

Pink's probably wondering "Why doesn't anyone ever talk to me at this stinkin' track!"

goatgirl said...

I know Anonymous, that's what my husband and I think. I so regret not moseying over with the dogs....she is a big animal advocate and just chatting with her. If it were just an average gal with a baby I'd go talk.

Chris said...

I love Pink too and now that I know she is an advocate for animals...I love her all the more! So let's Raise our Glass to Pink and her new, little, adorable, Pink baby! :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed Wendy I dont even know that song!