Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Faith

Last night was a hard night for our family. Right before I went to bed my son called and told me their beloved little dog Faith was missing. When visiting her parents, my daughter in law brings the dogs to play in the yard. Last night when she went to leave she discovered the back gate open and Faith was gone.
I tried to reassure my son that they would find her. She is microchipped and has a collar and tags. Plus she is friendly so probably wouldn't be scared to approach people.
Faith is a family member. When I told my son he couldn't take his dog to college he went out and got another. I thought it was a horrible idea. I was so wrong. She went everywhere with him. She fit under the seat of the plane and has flown more than I have. She is the best dog in the world.

When he met his wife and fell in love she fell in love with Faith too. Faith is their first baby.
So last night they frantically searched the very busy streets of Bakersfield for their darling girl while I lay helpless a thousand miles away in my bed, sick to my stomach, and prayed for my little granddog, alone and scared in the city.
My prayer was very specific.....Dear God, Please let a kind lady find Faith.
My son would call with updates and I would try to encourage him but I was so worried about the traffic....and the heat.
Dear God, Please let a kind lady find Faith.
I tossed and turned knowing there would be no sleep for me. I prayed again for a kind lady and a peace all of a sudden came over me and I heard God say to me that he had this taken care of and I didn't need to worry anymore. I enjoyed that peace for a few minutes and then I went back to worrying again. It is hard for me to give up control.
Meanwhile on a busy street in Bakersfield, a small dog was dodging traffic. Barely missed by one car, another slams on its brakes and a lady throws her door open. With a big leap of faith that little dog jumped in that "kind lady's" car and got herself a phone call home.
Thank you God for that kind lady that saved a little dog named Faith.

And people, please have a tag on your dog, it's their phone call home. Microchips are important but a tag makes it all so much easier. Most everyone has a cell phone so they can make a quick call and the pet is on the way home.


Jewel said...

So glad Faith found her way home, that is so scary when a beloved dog (that is like a child) is lost, especially in a strange place. I remember losing my dog overnight one time, and it was the worst feeling until I had her home. Thank God for answered prayers!

Suzan said...

The Power of Prayer!

Marigold said...

Oh! There is nothing worse than imagining a little dog scared and alone or worse. Thanks to the Big Guy for having his hearing aid plugged in last night. :)

Danni said...

Phew! So glad their baby is back where she should be! I love the kind soul who scooped her up and into safety!
(And did Miss Faith get a time-out for leaving the yard without permission?!) :-)

goatgirl said...

No Danni, She got to sleep in the bed and got extra treats, I hear.

Holly said...

my heart was in my throat.

I am so glad she is home, safe and sound.

I am also glad she got hugs and scritches.

Ruta said...

Oh my, I got tears in my eyes...

Sarah said...

So glad she was found and returned! Too many nice dogs are found and KEPT! God is so good, even to our animals! Bakersfield, CA? We drove through there last night around 9:00pm.

Anonymous said...

so glad Faith is home. I was reading and weeping for your loss... then rejoiced that she had been found.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories, Wendy!

Terry Maddox

goatgirl said...

Yep Sarah, Bakersfield, CA. And we were afraid someone would just keep her since she is a very nice dog.

goatgirl said...

Thank you everyone for understanding how upsetting it is to lose your best friend.

goatgirl said...

Hi Terry!!!! Have you been to the Surfing Goat Dairy lately?

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

I so glad this story had a happy ending, Wendy, and I hope you are on the mend. Faith is a beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower of yours, I just happened upon your blog and love it! I share in your love of animals and we to have goaties!

So happy Faith is safely home! We had the same thing happen with our daughters little scottie back in May when visiting the kids in Houston......again a kind lady to the rescue and Dixie came home safe.
Have a great day!

Linda said...

What a wonderful happy ending....God does hear all prayers!