Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Making of a Super Model

Cora Belle has not had an easy time with motherhood. She has been a real prima donna. First she wouldn't eat unless she was with the rest of the herd so she was wasting away to nothing. I had to put her in with the herd to eat and take her back out again to be with her babies. Then I put her in with Buttons and her babies and that worked...for a while.
Then the babies were only nursing on one side so that side got huge and the other languished from lack of attention. Not very becoming on a supermodel. So I had to pay more attention to her milk production and started milking her out at night. That has worked pretty good and now Cora Belle has what I call a working girl's udder. She is milking almost 4 lbs a day. She is definitely a milk goat in miniature.
Now lately she is obsessing about the other goats. She is head butting everyone until they, and she, have a bloody head. Even through the fences. She will not leave poor Buttons alone so for the sake of the rest of the goats, Cora Belle and her babies are in solitary confinement, which means...see eating.

Is it raging hormones? She won't go out to pasture and eat she just stands in front of the goat pen and gives all the other goats the stink-eye until someone starts butting through the fence. Even her brother Fil.

Now all this wouldn't be such a problem if I hadn't entered her in the goat show on Saturday.
So as of today I have a skinny, slightly lopsided, bloody headed goat to show.
She better not rub that head on my white pants.

update: tired of Cora Belle's drama and because I tend to over think things, I threw her back in with Buttons and turned around and went to work. The last thing I saw was CB and Buttons cracking heads. This afternoon when I went down I was afraid to look. Expecting her head to look like hamburger, I was surprised to see no blood and the bald patches trying to heal. Buttons didn't have a scratch. I guess the drama is for my benefit.


Heather said...

Well she is quite the celebrity now...she probably just let the fame and fortune go to her head a little. I'm sure she will come through in the clutch. She doesn't want to disappoint her fans or your pants :)

Marigold said...

Oy. It must be raging hormones... or perhaps lack of Peanuts. Or maybe with all that milk production she has decided she is really an Alpine, thus making her act like Ella.

Marigold said...

By the way. I love that term 'stink-eye'. I think I shall adopt it, and use it on Ella.

goatgirl said...

stink-eye..a word from my childhood

Chai Chai said...

Maybe you need to explain to her that the show doesn't start until Saturday.

Teresa said...

I must say goats are the drama queens of the animal world.

Millie said...

Oh, those moms who think they are everything. The give me a headache just thinking about them.