Monday, May 31, 2010

Coming and Going

It has been busy around here this spring. We have had some comings and goings that have involved two young families moving to a new state.

First off is the coming, we have two new bunnies here. My little friends, grandkids of Clare,

are moving to the great state of Texas and don't want to stress their bunnies on a long cross country trip. One day last week they brought Charlie and Chelsea to live on my farm...along with the nicest rabbit hutch I've ever seen. More like a rabbit tractor.
Charlie is a friendly guy and very handsome. Luckily Charlie has been fixed so there will be no little ones.

Chelsea is the pretty one.

It was very hard for my little friends to part with their beloved rabbits so there were many tears shed that day. It really broke my heart to see two bunnies so loved by the children and the parents. I promise to do my best taking care of them K and A.

The bunnies were a big hit with the kids on Farm Day. I would have liked to have taken one out but didn't want to inflicted undue stress...on me...not the bunny.

And now the going........

Zipper and Boy have found a new home with the nicest family around....

Look, it's the frugalmom

And the frugaldad...

and their three frugalkids...

Even though it's not very frugal driving 4 hours for goats I'm sure glad they did.

Here are some photos of our visit.

I'm calling this one-The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

Also, if you are ever coming to buy goats from me you must bring these.

I'm just sayin'


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Thank you, Wendy. It is appreciated more than you'll ever know. And know that you have made a huge impact on these two precious souls, my grandkiddos.

Life changes, and fluxes, and we expand and grow and change with things, as best we can. xxxxx

frugalmom said...

I didnt get to see the bunnies, but I did see that nicest bunny tractor. Those are some nice accommodations. Im just sayin.

And I am happy as can be that we got to come to the farm and meet you and all your farm animals. AND bring the goat babies home. They are settling in so well. I mean, they *did* already knock the mineral bucket off the wall...They make me smile so big. ALL DAY LONG!

Ha! I love that pic of G sitting like that...too funny.

So, are you still sharing those cookie bars???? :-)

Holly said...

Bye babies! Have a good life!

*waves hard*

I'm sure hey are in good hands!

Marigold said...

Well, Wow! Frugalmom has goats now! What a good choice, frugalfamily! :) I'm just sayin'... :)

Anonymous said...

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Teresa said...

Oh, it's so nice when the kids get to go to a forever farm where we know they will be loved and well taken care of!

Chai Chai said...

How neat is it that some of your goats are going to live with a fellow blogger!

Your farm is so pretty and green, I'm sure the bunnies are going to enjoy it. Too bad the school kids missed them, those would have been precious pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh those are the cutest bunnies! You are so lucky to have all these great furbabies running around your place! I feel bad for the kids though, :( hard to loose pet any way they leave you. Of course what a great place to be able to leave your pet, with someone who loves animals as much as you! Sweet. (I love the gray one!)

inadvertent farmer said...

They are some lucky little goats to be going to such a loving home. I know Frugal Mom has been waiting along time to get some farm critters!

The bunnies are darling...I'm looking a making a rabbit tractor of sorts. If you get around to it I would love to see some pics of it!

And yes as a mom of 4 boys they better not all move away from their mama! Kim