Friday, April 16, 2010

Parenting Styles

Buttons and Cora Belle have settled in together and are busy with their new kids....well Cora Belle is busy. Buttons has her own style of parenting. She loves her babies alright but she doesn't hover. She is the type of mother that lets her kids run all around the restaurant and then smiles at you like "aren't they cute?"
And run they do, up and down the pasture like a race track, bumping into chickens and llama legs along the way.

Aren't they cute.

Cora Belle is a helicopter parent. She is on constant alert for anything that may harm her children and they share her concern. She is the kind of mother that fixes her child a too-big snack and makes sure they wear a coat, complete with hat and gloves. Her kids are please and thank you kind of kids.

They don't have nearly as much fun as Buttons' kids,

but they are fine with that, glued to their mother's side.


Sheryl at Providence North said...

Interesting post! They are so cute!!

Tracy said...

I love reading your blog. You are a talented story teller and a fantastic photographer!

Mom L said...

How I envy you having these little beauties to watch! As I sit here at the computer seeing what you get to see, I fantasize about frolicking lambs on the lawn outside my window - how I wish!

Nancy in Iowa

Danni said...

I love this post! You have clearly been observing these two new families quite a bit! :-)
Great pictures, wonderful, tell us, what kind of parent were you? lol
Beautiful babies, Wendy. Love the first shot of Koo and the chicken running with her wings straight out. fun, fun, fun.

katie @ sunday rain said...

oh my goodness, far too cute! what cute little baby goats :)

Kathy in KY said...

I had to come back a few times, Wendy, just to check out the babies today. They're beautiful, and what great pix you took of them, and the description of the family dynamics - priceless! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Chai Chai said...

Wow, you have some wonderful pasture area - so green and well kept. It looks like everyone on your farm is allowed to have fun, heck, they are all mixed together.

I know I have said this before, but your goats are so cute.

goatgirl said...

somewhere in between, it should be, although my son might have a different story. I was pretty strict.

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute.......and I know mares just like these goat mamas. LOL

frugalmom said...

Funny how the style of parenting can be so different from one to another. Speaking of humans, of course. As I have no goats. (yet) :-)

Im thinking tho that it may be a good thing that Cora Belle is watching her little kids so closely....never know what a little baby goat peer pressure may lead to. :-)

V.L. Locey said...

Very enjoyable post and great pictures!

Cathy said...

Who says that a snack is ever too big? You can always share with your friends. Well, unless it is chocolate, then they have to be your best friends.
The kids are very cute!

goatgirl said...

Which reminds me of a story Cathy, because everything reminds me of a story.
When my son was in the 5th grade I had just finished a glowing conference with his teacher when the teacher sheepishly told me that a friend of my sons mom had complained that my boy was eating her boy's snack.
I was mortified. The teacher thought it was silly but didn't want to get clipped by the blades of this helicopter parent.
I went home and asked my son about it. He said," Well gosh Mom his snack is huge and he also brings a lot of different things. It could be a snack for the whole class." "And besides he offers it to me."
I told him to stick to his pitiful little snack and leave his friend to a future with heart disease.
When you can't tell if it's a snack or a's too much. Kids,now days, eat constantly at school. What happened to the good ole' days when all you got was lunch...and it wasn't pizza?