Sunday, April 25, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I have a hard time making decisions sometimes. I can drive myself crazy. So the decision of whether or not to keep either Zipper or Notty's Boy as bucks was weighing on my mind. They are both beautiful and have wonderful pedigrees so it would be understandable if I should decide to leave them as a buck and not wether them. I made a list of all my does that I could use them each on and Zipper came out with the most. Zipper is the last son of a very nice buck. He is very pretty and correct.
But is also the sweetest, friendliest baby here. He crawls in your lap and dances on your head. He will stand forever just to get a good scratch and when you stop he taps you with his foot. This little guy needs to be petted. So with that I decided that I would like him to be someone' pet. A child's pet. Wear a collar and carry a little pack with a juice box and goldfish crackers.

Notty's boy is a super model. He is an eyeful, that one.

More reserved than Zipper, he is sweet and thoughtful. One could understand why I thought long and hard about keeping this one too. But...he is also Zipper's best friend and the thought of them going together was very appealing.
So Zipper and Boy are going to live with a very nice family with three kids of the human kind. They will teach this family the joy of living with goats. They will make this family laugh with their silly boy antics. They will crawl into their laps and snuggle in...or dance on their heads.
And hopefully carry a juice box or two.


Danni said...

I can't imagine being in your shoes and having to make this decision. So sweet and so cute, I'd wether them and love on them myself forever! Having experienced the profound joy and incredible laughter that goats bring for almost a year now, I know your family of choice is in for an incredible experience! They are very, very lucky. :-)

Holly said...

I would have a horrible time deciding. How to be practical when your heart is all twisted up with babies?????

Marigold said...

Carrying things in packs is very nice. They should do well. But, Peanuts instead of goldfish.

frugalmom said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. :-) How very precious they are. I know that had to be such a tough decision. Because Im sure that you love them so, so much. Im certain, tho, that the family you have chosen will take such very good care of those little goat boys. And that they will be loved on and petted every single day...many, many times all day long!
And I bet those little goat boys would be very good at carrying goldfish and juice boxes. Or perhaps even a few scooby never know what one could put in a little goat pack. Im just sayin.

SueP said...

It is a dream of mine to someday have a place where I can keep a couple of pet goats just like Boy and Zipper. (Sigh, I must wait...)
That family is so very lucky and the kids are lucky too, to go to a home with children they can play with. I don't know how you can part with them, but then again, you do have quite a lot of goats right now... :)
Things must be pretty hectic with all those beautiful babies!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

Amy said...

I agree with Farmgirl_dk, I am afraid I would keep them, too. Gorgeous babies and I am sure they will have a lifetime of happiness with their new family.

Everyday I look forward to the day we finally have our farm and GOATS!!!