Saturday, November 7, 2009

Notty Is Nice

Armed with a mocha and a latte, the goatfarmer and I braved the monsoon like weather to go goat shopping. I was going to look at Notty, the cute little black and white buckling, that Poppy Patch had available.
The last time we went to Poppy Patch it was raining but that doesn't matter once you get there and go into the barn and close the door. Goats galore. I about lose my mind. I saw Buttons but she isn't ready to come home yet. She enjoyed a moment of bonding and head scratching before I had to turn my attention to Notty.
Notty, the cutest little boy goat. He is cute. Very cute.
I bought him.
What else could I have done?


Marigold said...

Snicker...I KNEW you would! :)

Stephanie said...


Danni said...

Clearly, there was NO other choice! Welcome to your wonderful new family, Notty! :-)

Goat Yoda said...

Told you!

DebH said...

Yeah!! Spoken like a true Addict! I love it!! :)