Monday, August 17, 2009

When I Grow Up

I have a niece M.B. She is a child of my heart. An animal lover from the start I could always relate to this wonderful girl. Now she is grown but still mad about animals just like her Aunt Goatgirl. She is such an adventurous person. After college she lived on a sheep dairy in Tuscany for a year and is now living in Prague teaching English as a second language. As someone that has always been afraid to do anything new I have always admired her spirit and wished I could do some of the things that she has done. I mean really...a farm in Tuscany!
M.B. grew up on a farm too. A proper farm with a two story white farmhouse, some big red barns full of cows, horses, chickens, cats and dogs. You've heard of the boys with toads in their pockets...well that was our little M.B. One day her city slicker mother was doing the laundry and felt something in M.B.'s pocket. Yep, it was a toad. She brought home animal after animal well into college and made them at home on the farm.
So the other day, while home for the summer from Prague (doesn't that just sound so romantic?)she and her mom came to visit Auntie Goatgirl and see all the animals. She brought along her darling Czech dog Penny. Well really she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was born in Prague.

There dogs can go anywhere with their owner and Penny reflects that calm demeanor that comes when dogs have been well socialized and are allowed to accompany their owners anywhere.
We had a great visit and M.B. took lots of pictures. I think she really liked the pigs....

As did her city slicker turned farm woman mom......She is the only person I know that actually uses a cup...and a SAUCER!

The pig girls really loved them. Now the pigs don't give it up for free and are usually very standoffish with strangers.
They have to be sure you don't like bacon before they will let you touch them. They had no problem letting M.B. and her mom get close. Even though I'm sure they like bacon...and ham.
Nor did Alice....

So my hat goes off to this wonderful young lady who doesn't stay in the box but follows her dreams.

I want to be just like her when I grow up!


Marigold said...

She simply has to be good. After all she doesn't hesitate to hug goats. :)

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Great blog! And they knew not to wear flip-flops!! =;)