Thursday, August 13, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Shopping

It has been pretty sad around here with the death of my adorable little Sunny but my friends have come to my rescue. First off it was a trip to Nordstrom Rack to check out the sale on new arrivals. While I did get a pair of shoes for an upcoming wedding, it still wasn't enough to shake goatgirl out of her funk. It was time to bring in the big guns....goat shopping. The goatfarmer felt like I needed a field trip to the most wonderful goat farm around, Poppy Patch in beautiful Montesano, Washington. I contacted Shannon at Poppy Patch and inquired about a dry yearling that I was interested in. She has a great pedigree and I have been thinking about adding another Nigerian doe to the herd since Lexi and Semi-Sweet appear to be in their golden years. Shannon said that yes indeed the goatfarmer and goatgirl could come out and look at the goats.

So yesterday we piled into the jeep and took off for Montesano. It rained off and on so our plans of stopping in Satsop to get hay would have to be on hold. Besides Hubby needed the truck to go motorcycle riding. The second best thing that goatgirl likes to shop for is hay, and I have a feeling the goatfarmer feels the same.

Rustic iron gates welcomed us to Poppy Patch farm and we were met by Shannon and her large friendly Great Pyrenees as we got out of the car. We dodged puddles as we walked to the large barn. Shannon opened up the big door and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful smorgasbord of lovely Nigerians. They were all there...including the beautiful Poppy Seed.

Poppy Seed has won every show she's ever been in. There were Nigerians of every size, shape and color and since it was raining, and anyone with goats knows they don't do rain, they were all in the barn.
I didn't know where to look first. Nigerians come in about every color so it was visual overload compared to if you were looking at...hmmm...let's say a herd of Saanens for instance.
We would point to a goat and ask Shannon about it. Not only did she know all of their names she had perfect recall on their pedigrees. She takes wonderful care of her goats.

As luck would have it I wasn't drawn to the doe I went to go look at, nor her to me. I set my sights on a lovely doe named Cute As A Button....that wasn't for sale. No amount of begging (it was shameless) convinced Shannon this sweet little goat should be mine. Not only did I love this little goat, she loved me too. Everywhere I went she was right there asking for scratches. Buttons didn't follow the goatfarmer as she kindly pointed out to Shannon. The goatfarmer was in my court. Not that it did us any good.
So my last plea was....If you ever want to sell this doe please let me know first. Shannon kindly agreed.

We left with an empty crate in the back of my jeep but I learned a lot during our visit. It is important to look at all sorts of goats to see what you like and what you don't.

They say that one sign of intelligence is the ability to delay gratification. I must be getting smarter. The younger me would have left with the other goat but the older more intelligent me is holding out for a goat named Buttons.


Kelly said...

I suggest you get a bigger purse and take with you next time. Have a quick chat with Buttons. Have Goatfarmer come up with a distraction and slip Buttons in your purse. No one will ever know. LOL. I hope you get a call soon that she misses you and can't be calmed till she goes home with you.

Unknown said...

She will be yours. I just feel it.


Marigold said...

Well gosh, darn. That just doesn't seem fair. But who knows? Maybe in the future a nice little mini-Nubian will be born at the goatfarmer's farm that is just irresistable. After all you don't have one of those. :) It might even be as cute and intelligent as me.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I just know Buttons is right around the corner.

I think I am going to keep White Ears.
I was told he is too old and big to neuter or band, that it may kill him.

What do you think?
Take care,

goatgirl said...

I think he's too old to band but I think you can have him neutered another way and he'd be fine. I have known of people neutering older bucks but am not sure what they did. Probably the vet did it.
I'm glad you are going to keep him.

goatgirl said...

Kelly, we thought of that but it didn't work. Goatfarmer wasn't very good at the distraction part.

Haley, I hope so!

Marigold, There are no more Nubians at the farm. Alice is part Nubian...even if you can't tell. And beside no one is as cute and as intelligent as you.