Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Alice

As you may have suspected, Semi-Sweet did not produce kids this year. She had a full blown false pregnancy though just to get me going. She had all the symptoms of pregnancy and the start of labor....just without the kid part. I was a bit disappointed but had decided to get a Mini-Mancha like the wonderful Jammies that produces the tastiest milk I have ever had.
Enter Alice...she is Cora Belle's (and Jammies) half sister. You can see the resemblance around the eyes:)
I brought her home on Friday. She is two weeks old so I am bottle feeding this sweet little goat. By that evening though I was wondering if I had made a mistake by not bringing her brother Walker home to keep her company. I had intended to keep her with Cora Belle and Filbert. They were most unwelcoming. They had that look on their face. You know the look. The one when your mother wants you to play with her friend's kid.....that you had nothing in common with. Poor Alice. I had to put her in a crate inside their stall so she wouldn't get butted into next week.
The next day I noticed that someone had taken quite an interest in the new baby. Semi-Sweet. She had her eye on that baby.

So I gave her Alice.
I said, "See what you did Semi-Sweet." She looked amazed. Wow...I could hear her thinking....that didn't hurt a bit.

Everyone should have a baby goat. They make you laugh.


Jennifer said...

She's absolutely adorable!

Tracey said...

AWWW, such a happy time for Semi Sweet and Alice!

Holly said...

how cute!!!!

Elizabeth said...

what a great idea giving her to Semi Sweet. I hope mom and daughter are doing well. lol

Marigold said...

That is a nice goat. She has the lovely face stripes that I, myself, sport. But where are the ears?

Danni said...

Yay! Welcome, Alice - you are BEAUTIFUL! Oh...how interesting about Semi-Sweet...has she "adopted" little Alice really?
I can't wait to hear more.

Congrats to everyone!! ('cept for the two stinkers who are being mean to the baby!)

goatgirl said...

I can't believe how well this is working. Alice is very content with her new mommy and Semi is being very gentle.

Michelle said...

She is absolutely precious!!!