Friday, June 19, 2009

I Loved This Goat's Life

Yesterday was a sad day for my friends at Herron Hill Dairy and all the fans of This Goat's Life.

Baby Belle died.

I knew this was coming when I learned of her cancer a couple of months ago but I was hoping that it wouldn't be this soon. I started reading her blog a couple of years ago when I came across it looking for a local Nigerian goat herd. And as anyone that has come across the writings of Baby Belle, I was instantly hooked. Her sense of humor and interesting point of view was something I craved. I checked everyday for a posting that made me truly laugh out loud.
But now she's gone and I am feeling so sad for the people that loved her. Loved her enough to let her near a computer to treat her fans to a view of the farm like no other. Sure there are lots of goats out there, even lots of very nice goats.
But there will only be one Baby Belle. The goat that could write.

I have loved all of her posts but this one is stuck in my mind.


Marigold said...

At least our old friend lives on in Hannah Belle, Cora Belle, Filbert and Peanut.

goatgirl said...

Oh Marigold, in all my grief I forgot that you too are a talented writing goat. Your philosophy is needed more than ever.
Don't forget Bell Pepper and Blue Umbrella...I am hoping that Baby Belle passed that writing gene on to one of her Belle offsprings.

DebH said...

I couldn't agree more, please let her legacy live on!!