Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follow Me To Drive Thru Feed

One of my favorite outings is a trip to the feed store. We just happen to have a drive thru feed store in our neck of the woods. Very ingenious I think. No getting out of the car. You just pull up to the office and are met by a smiling man offering chocolate or a cold bottle of water if it's summer. You pay for your feed and drive through a series of stalls as a strong young lad throws feed in the back of your truck. Now that's my idea of shopping.
So on Sunday I was out of pot bellied pig food and shavings so needed to make a run to Jerry's Drive Thru Feed. Yep, he is even open on Sunday...he has no life (his words not mine).
Hubby and I debated what time he opened and I thought for sure it was 10 o'clock so off we went. We were wrong.

The sign said that he opens at 11:00. Not a big deal we had a hot travel mug of coffee and all the time in the world. But out came Jerry 20 minutes before he opens and swung the gate for us to enter.

He reminded us that he opened at 11:00 and presented us with his hours handwritten on a slip of paper and then gave us another one "to put on your fridge".

As we drove to the office we came upon these.

Apparently you can drive thru livestock shop too.

I took a few pictures of Jerry when he wasn't looking. He kept turning around to see why we were stopping and I would quickly put down my camera.
When we got up to the office to order he was right there with the chocolate. Yum, peppermint patties today.
I ordered my feed and then handed him my credit card. Then I told him I wanted to take his picture and write about him in my blog.
Blog? What's a blog?
I tried my best to explain to him what it was but he never got past the Internet part. He got so excited he ran back in the office and put on his "good hat".
With a big smile he posed with chocolate in hand.
"Please be sure to say I'm single," he said.

I assured him I would and we drove off to have a strong young lad throw feed into the back of our truck. When I looked down, I saw his clipboard and the credit card receipt that I hadn't signed yet still in the truck.
Hubby called out to Jerry and said, "Hey Jerry, you forgot your money."
Jerry ran back to the truck to retrieve his clipboard, pen and the receipt that I had signed.
As he walked away you could hear him say, "Man, I almost lost my pen and clipboard just because I got so excited to be on the Internet."
Hubby and I laughed all the way home.

So ladies, he's single, gives out chocolate.....and has hay connections. What more could you want?

Update! Jerry's hours are Tuesday through Sunday 10-6. They are closed on Monday.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

What a cute story!=;)

Lisa said...

What a guy! We have a drive through feed store too, but it's not half as cool as that!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! This was too cute. Sounds like a really nice guy, hope he finds "miss right". What a great place to do business. Looks like he know all about good customer service.

Anonymous said...

LOL too cute, the "good" hat. Thanks for the great story. Oh the bunnies!! I love your blog. I love all the animals, I'm so jealous. :) Thanks for sharing.

frugalmom said...

If anyone was having the least bit of reservations about this guy...the good hat had to have pushed them right over the edge. He sounds very sweet. And not just because he hands out chocolates.

Jenny said...

I'm so jealous. A drive-thru feed store. What I wouldn't give to have to herd my passel of kids into the feed store when my hubby can't get stuff for me! And chocolates too!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Darn....too bad I'm married already :)

I'd be happy to teach him about blogs and the internet. He's like one of those tribes people out in the middle of the jungle ripe for corruption from the outside world.

Hmmm, on second thought, I like Jerry just the way he is. :)


Tracey said...

Cute story! Be sure to tell Jerry I said Hello from Florida!!
The only thing I could see wrong with a drive thru feed store is do you get the full effect of the feed store smell like when you walk in one?.......cause that is one of my FAVORITE smells in the world....reminds me of my grandaddy!

Anonymous said...

Wendy can we introduce him to a mutual know who....they would have so much in common!!!!!

Holly said...

Jerry sounds as adorable as he looks. Whadda guy. Plus chocolate. How can you beat that?

Tell Jerry I'm waving like mad from PA!

goatgirl said...

Thanks Clare.

Yep Lisa it's pretty cool. BTW I went over to your blog and your art is amazing! I am now a huge fan.

Elizabeth, I hope he finds miss right too. He is a really nice guy and has the best customer service.

Anonymous, Thanks for loving my blog. I feel very lucky to be able to have all these critters and am happy to share them with you.

frugalmom, Hey since Danni is gone for awhile can we be BFFs?
I'm just sayin' I have llamas.

Jenny, The chocolate is the best part. I made him give me two chocolates the other day.

Lisa, I found it very quaint that he didn't know what a blog was and was excited to be on the internet.

Tracey, I will tell him hi from Florida. And yes you don't get the smell but since the other feed store in town smells like oil-based paint and the one the next town over like cat pee, I'll take the great outdoors anyday.
Isn't if funny how smells can take you way back. The other day I smelled a smell that I couldn't identify but it instantly reminded me of my grandparents. It was a deep memory of something.

Linda, I have no idea who you are talking about. Fill me in tomorrow.

Hmmmmm Holly, I had you at the hay connection didn't I?

Marigold said...

Does he have drive-thru Peanut service? Now that would be great. I wish we had a drive-thru anything connected with food...but alas only the humans have that here. We are truly 'backwater' here.

Heidi said...

I LOVE JERRY!!! What a great idea!!!

Gone2theDawgs said...

Sounds like you made his day!! The pic of him with his "good" hat showing off his chocolate definitely put a smile on MY face!!

Just where is this feed store? I may have to go for a visit!:)

Anonymous said...

Ooo what a character. I may have to steal him for the book I'm writing.

I found you on one of the other goat blogs I follow. One post and I'm hooked!

Great stuff!

Jennifer said...

What a neat story. I would love to have a drive-thru feed store here!

goatgirl said...

Marigold, I would bet that he has Peanuts there somewhere. Chocolate covered I'm sure.

Heidi, I think it is an excellent idea. They have great customer service too.

Wrensong, It is out on the Key Peninsula, between Purdy and Key Center. Not too far for a gal to go for chocolate:)

Thanks Carolyn and let me know if you do use him as a character in your book. That would just send him over the edge.

Jennifer, Everyone should have a drive thru feed store....with chocolate.

Staci said...

A cute story, a cool store, a nice man, and chocolate! Everything any girl could want, in one story!

Danni said...

Oh my gosh...that is the best story! I *love* Jerry. He is absolutely adorable. I love that he ran back in to put on his "good" hat. So sweet. Don't tell him I said this, though, I'm definitely not available. :-)

goatgirl said...

Thanks Staci, Chocolate makes everything complete....I think.

Farmgirl you're back! I've missed you chicken sister. I promise I won't tell Jerry you said that...although he'd be thrilled that his "good hat" worked.

Country Girl said...

Cute story, my kids have been ohhhhhh and awwwwwwwing over your lambs as I scroll down and catch up on your blog.

Helaine said...

I just loved your story about drive thru feed. Do you know if they have a good buy on scratch grains?

Helaine in Olalla

SusanB said...

Jerry is a very good hearted guy. He is starting Summer SWAP MEETS again in the Summer of 2010 - all sort of things you can sell from Animals to TV's, Plants to Tools! Come one, come all - meet the man that makes all sorts of things happen, for all sorts of people!
AND, absolutely AWESOME pictures!

Christa said...

Thank you so much for writing such a nice blog about my daddy! He is truly one in a million. He has been a wonderful dad and worked hard all his life:) thanks for giving him a smile and me too! bless you and thanks again.

Fannie Cranium said...

Loved the story. I've put a link to it in an upcoming blog post since we used one of his bumper stickers to fix a wardrobe malfunction.