Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Differences Between Sheep And Goats

Oh how fun it has been around here with lambs in the bathroom. Although I can't wait until they make the transition outside, I have had the opportunity to observe the differences between baby goats and lambs.
Here is what I have observed sitting in the "green bathroom" on the toilet (lid down, of course) bottle feeding and watching the lambs.

Sheep smell different than goats. Not bad but slightly different. And I've had plenty of opportunities to smell them lately.

Sheep sound different. They have a musical baaaaa with a little vibration at the end. Like Kelly Clarkson.

I think sheep get a bum rap in the smarts department. I find these lambs to be very smart. Especially Lucy. They are even fairly litter boxed train. One time as I sat on my throne, each one jumped back in the crate and went. I couldn't believe my eyes. Chalk one up for the sheep.

Sheep like to stay together. They flock. They will have bursts of independence but move as one, usually right behind me, the big sheep.

The lambs jump and play but stay on the ground more than baby goats. The lambs don't jump on top of anything. They have moves very similar to a Lipizzaner.
Goats are more like a rodeo.

I have enjoyed watching these babies grow up. It has been a bit of a challenge at times especially with Little Bit. She has been very frail. I named her Little Bit after Goldilocks who was called Little Bit as a child by her dad. And she is just a little bit. So Little Bit has been pampered. She gets her bottle first while everyone else baaaaas in the crate.

Here is a small movie of them. And I mean small. I haven't figured out how to load movies very well so don't blink.

But the biggest difference is....goat tail up, sheep tail down.


Danni said...

Ohhhhhh.....such a lovely post. I smiled the whole time, reading about all the details and differences and things you've noticed. While sitting on the toilet. lol
Litter box trained lambs? Seriously?
They are all so was fun to watch them move in your video. You did a good job with the video - as short as it was, I was able to blink twice. I counted. :-)

Marigold said...

You neglected to mention how much cuter goat babies are. I will forgive you, though.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

HOW FUN!! Very cute indeed! And I'm impressed with your house training skills for these babies! =;)

Anonymous said...

Oh those lambs are so cute! I've been wanting to buy a black lamb for a while (if I can find one!) so following your lamb experience is a good thing!
And Vet on the Edge will be so happy when she hears that her advice of tails up - tails down is traveling the blogosphere!

goatgirl said...

farmgirl, They do jump in their crate to go so I think they are a bit litter box trained. They get cuter every day.

Marigold, I was thinking it but didn't want to say it out loud.

Clare, It is fun but I am ready to have them weaned and out of the green bathroom.

Esther, Not only is it traveling the blogosphere I taught it to a group of kindergarteners while doing a literacy group with them when they kept calling a picture of a sheep a goat.
One little boy says, "Ail dow eep, ail up oat."
I love kids!
Good luck on finding your black lamb.