Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Sunny and I have truly bonded. And I like him just the way he is. Aloof. No pressure to keep him entertained. I have started to see him choose to come see what I am doing...once in a while...but that usually involves food.
He is coming along nicely in his training. But best of all I can tell he feels so much better. Probably because he is in love.

Her name is Tipperary Dream and she is a Thoroughbred race horse. Owned by the jolly Irish man next door, he was fulfilling his life-long dream of racing horses through her and her younger brother. One day I opened the paper to see his obituary. He died suddenly, leaving his family to take care of the horses. I miss seeing him almost every day when we would be feeding our animals.

Luckily he was able to see his Tipperary Dream win some very nice races and he was in the stand when her brother won his last race of the season. That was his last race.
And much to Sunny's distress, they brought the young colt home to put in with Tippy. The colt is a handful. When the trailer pulled in it rattled with kicks and screams. To make matters worse, I think he is a stallion. Well, Sunny was beside himself. He started to perk up a bit and run along with the other horses and get quite upset when the two horses were out of his sight. In the past he never even raised his head when Tippy moved around, now he kept his eye on her. His pacing in a figure 8 came back.
One morning I went down to feed and there were two of my top rails down in Sunny paddock. They had put the colt in the pasture next to Sunny, separating the colt from his sister and he spent all night worrying the fences...and Sunny too.
Hubby and I repaired the fences and I worried what would happen next.
Because I worry about what could happen. I have worrying down to a science.
And I usually worry for not. The next day he was gone. They must have realized you don't put a colt in with a mare.

Sunny lowered his head and went back to not giving a rip. But his secret is out. He's athletic.
And he loves a girl named Tipperary Dream.


frugalmom said...

Awww....Sunny is in love. With the girl next door , huh?

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Spring is in the air and love is there too! Good for Sunny!

Holly said...

Good grief that is one fuzzy boy!

He is adorable and I am so glad you are satisfied with him. Are you still long lining him?

Marigold said...

There sure is a lot of 'lovin'' goin' on at your house. Does anyone have time to get any Peanut eating done?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sunny is so shaggy and wooly. Like a cute little bear. I'm looking forward to seeing what he looks like again once summer is here again.
Glad to read is training in coming along nicely and that the two of you have bonded, too.