Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Honeymoon Suite, Revisited

Saturday was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. The perfect day to give Lexi a ride back over to the honeymoon suite when it was apparent she needed to visit her beloved one more time. Lexi and Semi-Sweet being what you would call "mature" are having a difficult time getting settled.
Back over we went. But this time Lexi knew the drill. She jumped quite willingly into the back of the jeep, sang along with me to the radio, jumped out when we got there and led me over to the suite. She was so happy to see Captain again that if I didn't believe before in goat love I do now. She talked up a blue streak to him. It was all so gentle and loving it made me a little sad. What she said we will never know but she was really giving him a talking too.

"After last time you never called."

"Let's run away together."

"The other does don't appreciate you like I do."

She was clearly in love and didn't want to leave.
As I gently led her away, I told her he could never be faithful and that this would be her last trip to the honeymoon suite. She has been bred three times by two different bucks so if it didn't take this time she would remain childless.

I think she's fine with that.


Stephanie said...

What about Lexi? Is she "with-kid"?

Stephanie said...

Silly me! I meant Semi Sweet. Is Semi Sweet pregnant? I obviously know the answer about Lexi. Haha

goatgirl said...

Goldilocks, I don't know if she (Semi-Sweet) is pregnant yet? She always acts like she is in heat so it is hard to tell. I have a feeling that she won't be though and after the experience of her being in so much pain I am afraid to try again with her right now. So it would be nice to, at least, get Lexi "with kid".

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmm. Me thinks she just enjoys the romantic rendevous, even if it doesn't result in the pitter patter of baby goaties. :)

I got a smile from your writing, though :)
I hope this time is a winner.


goatgirl said...

I would have to agree with you Lisa. It was interesting to see how much they really liked each other.

Marigold said...

There's a man for you. Never calls, never writes, never leaves the toilet lid down or the lid on the Peanuts. Oy.

Bethany said...

Enjoyed your blog! All your pictures are really fun.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

A "do-over", eh? Hopefully this one will take.

goatgirl said...

Marigold, Yep they leave the lid off the Peanuts but only after they have eaten all of them.

Thanks Bethany! I see you have goats too.

Clare, I hope this takes too. If it does you will have to bring Sweetie Pie and Buddy Boy over in July to see babies.

Esther Garvi said...

Reminds me that we will be looking for a buck for Esmeralda some time in April... Then we can have goat milk again when we come back from Sweden after summer!