Monday, February 9, 2009

Got Eggs?

I don't. Not since Christmas. My hens are not doing their part to help out the economy. They are too busy.


Hanging out.

Looking pretty.

And just plain looking.

But no eggs.

So imagine my surprise when Stormy, our black Lab, brought the smallest egg I've ever seen to me and laid it in my hand.

And does this dog have a soft mouth or what?

Is it a chicken egg? While I was taking a picture it fell off the counter and I took a picture of it's yoke.

Chicken egg or not it seemed to start the ball rolling. Since yesterday, I now have 4 beautiful brown eggs in my fridge.


Nancy M. said...

Your chickens are pretty! Mine stopped laying for awhile there too. But in the last few days egg-laying has really picked up. Your dog is a great egg fetcher!

Holly said...

great photos, camera is working again?

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

I think more light now is making a difference for all kinds, women and chickens! =;) I can't believe your sweet dog brought you the egg. Wow!

Marigold said...

I don't like eggs (unless they start making Peanut-flavored ones), but I'm impressed. I'm really impressed with the dog. The Mighty Quinn would have fetched it, but I think you would have had to throw it first. Ewwwww!

Danni said...

Oh puhleeeeze tell me you got a chance to WEIGH this pretty little egg before it fell and broke. This is such important information to have!! :-)
My smallest egg ever was .2 ounces!
Yay that the girls are laying again! And what a good dog you have :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay for eggs!!

Stormy does indeed have a gentle soft mouth. Also gentle soft eyes, too :)

Our shepherd would have eaten the egg. :P


Pat said...

I am in love with your dog! What a gorgeous creature! Send him to me please...

goatgirl said...

Why thank you Nancy. They would have to agree with you.

Holly, It is working OK but not as good as I think it should. These photos are out of a bunch of blurry ones.

Clare, I know more light is helping my state of mind!

Marigold, Stormy is a special girl.

Farmgirl, No I didn't get a chance to weigh it. But I thought of you when I was taking it's picture.

Lisa, Stormy has eaten an egg or two but I think she didn't know what to do with this one.

Pat, You would have to step over Hubby's dead body to get a hold of this dog. He adores her.
And she has way too much energy for one dog that doesn't come across in the picture. Her nickname is you still want her?

Heidi said...

I am thinking its a quail egg or possibly a pheasant, chukar or some other small game bird that you may have around your place. :) What a great dog... My dad tells a story of a dog they had named Turtle. She was part daschound and gosh knows what else-but my granny and him were getting baby chicks out of the old incubator in the barn. They keept hearing this muffeled peep and Turtle was just sitting by them, nudging her leg every so often. Finally granny got sick of being bumped in the legs when she was so busy trying to sort these baby chicks. When she turned around to tell Turtle to quit, she saw two tiny chick legs and feet sticking out of the dogs mouth!!! She put her hand down and Turtle dropped the baby chick right in her hand and looked at her like - FINALLY you got the message..and walked away. Granny said that little chick didnt have a scratch on it and was just fine... she thought maybe it had fallen out the back of the incubator and Turtle found it... Funny huh!!

You have a special - BEAUTIFUL - dog there my dear. Give em kiss and love from me would you!!!

Alan said...

We have had a number of eggs like that. They are so cute. Even had a couple of micro-eggs w/o yokes. Our chickens almost always shut down in the darkest part of the year. Low light and low temps seem to put the egg laying on hold. We have been getting about 6 a day (out of 40 birds)for the past month, and yesterday (warm, sunny, temp almost 60) we got 18. If you don't control the light and temp, they will shut down a bit.

goatgirl said...

Heidi, What a darling story. I can just picture the legs sticking out of the dog's mouth. That is what I like about farms and animals, life is never dull and you never know what you are going to see. I did think it might have been a pheasant egg because Hubby had just bought some pheasants but I couldn't figure out how Stormy could have got it out of the pen they are in so I knew it wasn't from them. And it is smaller than a pheasant egg. But I did think that too.
And yes Stormy is a special dog. Her field trainer called her a "once in a lifetime dog". I will give her a kiss right on the head for you if you give Milk Dud a kiss on his darling head from his Auntie Goatgirl.

Alan, Thanks for the info. I kept reading about how many eggs other people were getting and thought I had hens that are duds. But 6 out of 40 made me feel a whole lot better:)