Friday, August 22, 2008

The County Fair in the Morning

This morning I got up bright and early to go judge dog obedience at the county fair. You haven't truly experienced the county fair until you go bright and early in the morning. It is when it is the most calm. Sleepy faced kids are cleaning out stalls and feeding animals. Moms and dads are walking around with cups of coffee and the smell......oh the smell. Scones! Hay! Sawdust! Animals! I happen to love the smell of animals.
After I got done judging and really only made one child cry, I stood in line to get a scone and I pondered.....Why are all the scone ladies old? Can only seniors work there? I just don't know but I swear they are the same old ladies from when I was a kid and showed my goats and my dogs at the fair.
I got three scones. One for now and two for when Hubby gets home and we can have one with a cup of coffee.
I walked around and looked at all the animals. I watched sheep judging, while I ate my scone. I looked at chickens and turkeys and ducks. I looked at rabbits and cavies and took a trip through the petting farm. But by then my scone is gone because there is NO eating around the animals anymore.
I wonder how I ever survived before that rule.
I saw llamas and some fabulous felted creations. I spent a lot of time looking at the goats. Some had small kids with them. Extra cute when they come in the Nigerian variety.
The fair in the morning is the essence of the fair. When it is pure. Before the loud rides and hoards of people.
And that's when they have the best scones.


sugarcreekstuff said...

I love our local fair. The only problem is the cost of admission is so high. They don't care if you are there to ride rides or to just look at the critters and crafts. I think we may skip it this year.

For some reason I'm craving a scone.

goatgirl said...

I know, I probably wouldn't have gone if I had to pay but since I was judging they had to let me in.
Wish I had another scone this morning.

Danni said...

You two need to head on out to the Washington County fair in Hillsboro, OR. It was free! I was so surprised because I was expecting a huge admission fee, but that was only if you wanted to do the rides (which we didn't)

Goatgirl, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I was with you every step of the way. And I'm always learning new things about you...judging dog obedience shows and all. Sorry you made that kid cry, did the parents glare at you? lol

Heidi said...

How true that statment was, essence of the fair. I LOVE to go to the barns early in the morning with my gallon of coffee... on day 4 of the fair you need that much ya know! The cattle are always glad to see you, its quiet and enjoyable.

and did someone say SCONES out loud!!! LOL

goatgirl said...

No parents glaring this time. Too busy consoling the child. I try to be nice. I try to be fair. I even told them I don't want to judge anymore but every year I get the call. And I say, "Time to make some kids cry."

goatgirl said...

And I know about that gallon of coffee. Our fair is 5 days and you have to be there from 9am to 10pm every day. It's a love/hate kind of thing but ohhhh what memories we've made.

Anonymous said...

We have 3 county fairs in 3 different counties around here that we like to go to every once in awhile though!

Anonymous said...

You know you live way out in the middle of nowhere when they don't even have a county fair here.
I haven't went to one in years. They do have one the next county over. It won't be until Oct. but now I am ready to go after reading your nice story.
We don't have scones though, that I know of. I guess this is a silly question, but what is a scone?
We have fried everything at our fairs. Fried chicken, fried corn dogs, fried twinkies, you name it and they fry
Nice story. What dog won?

goatgirl said...

ga.farmwoman, it is a wonderful triangle shaped biscuit full of butter and jam. Made by grannies and grandpas at the Kiwanas booth. And you know how much love grannies put in their food. So in the morning with a cup of coffee it is a little piece of heaven.

goatgirl said...

A little girl with a Corgi won and a little girl with a Collie cried:(

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How long have you been judging at the fair and do you judge different competitions or classes?

My first time being involved in the shows was recently at a Nigie show and, while exhausting, was so much fun!
I'm impressed that you do the judging. It can such a tough call, especially when you're dealing with children, who have not only worked hard, but put their love and heart into their project, too.

I've never seen scones at any of our fairs, but I have had the pleasure of eating them before. On every corner in London, they sell fresh scones with lemon curd, jam or clotted cream.
They are absolutely divine! I got so spoiled buying scones from the London carts each day. So, I do know how you feel about them.

Country Girl said...

The fair is coming to town real soon and I look forward to going every year! Didn't know your a judge.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Goatgirl (its your Annie Oakley-esque niece!), I LOVE your blog!! I am really craving early mornings at the fair and scones now! I used to milk at the Puyallup State Fair, as you know, so my Sept mornings normally go something like this: 5am- scones go on sale at the Fischers booth; then comes naptime with an obliging Brown Swiss; and at 6am I start milking! Not this year of course, and boy do I miss it!! Keep up the stellar blog, because I'm getting my daily dose of farm via you!! =) (I can sympathize with your son's need for a dog- I just bought a goldfish and named him ADI- anti-dog-insurance, so that I don't do anything foolish and gay and buy a dog! Although, last time I did, it was a pretty amazing Jazzy little dog!;)