Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Dinner Yet

I was wondering what was happening at Pavel's grandmother's house with the roosters. At school yesterday Pavel filled me in. Apparently Pavel's grandmother was happy with the roosters but they were a bit smaller than they thought they would be even though I had said they were babies. It must have gotten lost in the translation. So the baby roosters were plunked down into the chicken coop where they became the victims of a rather bullying crowd of hens. Grandfather quickly intervened and has built them their own pen where they will grow until they, according to Pavel, will be able to show those hens whose boss.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! Glad they got to the boys in time. Thanks for the update. I bet you are so relieved.

(ps, the word verification for me today on your blog is: yaayy (!!!)

Danni said...

What a fun story this is...and aren't you relieved to hear your little roos are getting quite the treatment over at their new home? A special pen, just for them! :-)

p.s. my verification word is: "oxhdothp". See if you can say *that* three times real fast. ;-)

Christine said...

I'm trying to convince myself to call my three extra roosters Stew, Stewie and Stewart. I figure if I remind myself over and over, it won't be so hard when the day comes.

P.S. I want your goats. :)