Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Long time, no see. I was talking to a new neighbor today and happened to mention this long forgotten blog.
I've been busy and I'm a grandma or Nana as my mother in law before me. Two wonderful boys now fill my thoughts and the farm has been put on the back burner. It still smolders though. Making plans  to have just one batch of kids this spring because life without an endless supply of good halloumi isn't an option.
What have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

Wendy, Clare here from Wenatchee. You may remember my grandkiddos, Kielyn and Albert, when they lived in Gig Harbor, not far from your home/farm. We visited you there a couple times. They are in Texas now. Kielyn started college a couple weeks ago at West Texas A & M. She is focusing on the Equestrian program and is on the Equestrian Team. Made varsity as a freshman in the English/Hunt Seat group! Al is in 8th grade now, and such a special young man, into all sorts of games and technology as well as theatre.

I love it that you are absorbed in your grandchildren these days. That is life as it should be!

I still keep my "Old Reader" program with my subscription to blogs and check in occasionally, although I admit FB seems to have taken over. Maybe we should all revert back to our blogs instead. Mine has been on hiatus for years now.

I will look forward to future posts here, Wendy! Do take care!

Unknown said...

Hi Clare! Thanks for the update on Kielyn and Albert. Two wonderful kiddos and now doing great things. How exciting for Kielyn to be able to do what she loves. I miss the blogging friends I had back then. I say we should all bring back the old blogs. I tried facebook for a long time but don't like it anymore for all sorts of reasons.
Thanks for checking in Clare and come on by if you are ever out this way again.