Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall, Fair, and Fun

I am back at school and although the days are still hot you can smell fall in the air. That means it's fair time. I  smell the scones now. We will be taking four goats this year, Cora Belle, Northern Belle, Coraline, and our new girl Red Rupee. All goats have had their fair haircuts and we are working on walking and standing without acrobatic moves. Coraline will be a challenge no matter how much we practice.
This year is a test. Can I stop being so competitive and just go and have fun? That's the big question. The fair has grown and become a state fair with a fancy goat show. Exhibitors will come from all over...even out of state. It is going to be fun meeting people from all over but that means more nice goats. We have to step up our game. I fight the feeling that if I can't win I don't want to go. Isn't that a poor sport? But yes I've been known to be a poor sport...just ask the goatfarmer at Herron Hill. She has seen me at my worst. Ok it was 10 pm and we had only been in one of the three rings and I was getting tired and my well trained goat was walking on the ceiling but a poor sport I was.
So this year I'm going to go and have fun. I will smile and congratulate the winners. I am going to chat with my fellow exhibitors, watch the people go by, and eat scones. Lots of scones.

See you at the fair. We will be there Sept. 20-22nd.


Leslie said...

Your fair has scones?!? I wanna come! We only have those giant cinnamon rolls and last time I had one it wasn't that good.

I'm a poor loser too so I quit entering (quilt) competitions and just go as a spectator. Takes all the stress out of it. So go and have a ball and eat a scone for me!

petoskystone said...

You mean you don't want Coraline teaching the other does how to swing from the roof timbers? ;) Good luck!

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

You are so talented and your goats are beautiful and well loved. Go have fun. I'm sure you have the best goats around.


Cottage Making Mommy

Terry said...

Perhaps the ceiling walking is your goat's attempt to lighten the mood :) I don't know how you can be tense when there are fair scones. Please post a photo of them. I'll be going to wander The Big E, which is a crazy big fair, with acres of food offerings. No scones.

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

What's worse? Being overly competitive or not caring at all?!? I go the other direction. I'm so NOT competitive that I feel bad for winning sometimes. Bad for the other person. Drives my H crazy.

I haven't been to the fair in years - since I was yet a tot. Those scones are SO STINKING GOOD.


Chris said...

Hi Wendy :-) My heart skipped a little beat when I read "Red Rupee". I hope she is a good girl and doesn't try any Cirque du Soleil moves. Eat a scone for me. Our fair must be on the same tour as Leslie's because we only have mediocre cinnamon rolls too.

Utterly Blessed Farm

Phyllis said...

Just stopping by to catch up with the happenings at Minter Bay. Your little goats are so pretty and I can't wait to read the stories about the fair!

Marigold said...

And you did have fun, didn't you? Long live the Baby Belle line!!!! Yay!

dojuma said...

What a nice and lovely farm i like it so much.