Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who expressed their sympathy for my loss of Koo. You understand what this guy meant to me and even though I've never met most of you I value your friendship more than you will ever know. You knew exactly what to say when I needed it most.
I had just clicked the publish button on that post and got up from the computer when my phone started ringing. First my son and daughter-in-law called and let me cry on their shoulders. My son just happen to sit down to the computer and check my blog the instant I posted. While talking to him I heard the beep of call waiting and saw it was my good friend Gail calling. The funny thing about that is that she doesn't check my blog that often but she just happened to the instant I posted about losing Koo.
Now is that a coincidence or not....I think not.

Today I was telling someone that had asked about my weekend that I had to put my llama down and they expressed their sympathy but followed it up with, "I guess when you have a lot of animals that is bound to happen a lot." That comment hurt a little. Like there is something slightly wrong with a person that has a lot of animals.

I guess she just doesn't get it.

You guys get it. You understand that an animal, even a farm animal, is really a family member and a part of your life. Just like a big family where each and every member is valued is how it is at my farm. Sure I have more animals than the average person but that doesn't mean I don't love and care for them and mourn when they die and yes some more than others.

Koo was worth every bit of mourning I've been doing. Part of my mourning is writing about it and reading each and very one of your comments.

Thanks, my village. I am truly overwhelmed by your response.


Christine said...

Never underestimate the power of the internet. It helps those of us who would otherwise be somewhat isolated connect with like-minded folks letting us know we're not alone. We out here and we care.

Your photo of Koo smiling will always be one of my favorites.

farmlady said...

A sad post.
This is so hard to lose these friends of ours, these wonderful creatures that give us so much and leave so soon.
I know that Koo is happy and watching his goats from above.
I send my sympathy to you and your family.

The Currys said...

I felt so sorry for you when I read about the passing of Koo and now even worse that you took that person's comment so badly. I really doubt she meant that it is bad for you to have a lot of animals. I think she meant something more along the line of - when you have a lot of animals you risk the chance of losing them and thus losing something that matters to you more than someone who doesn't have animals.
Kind of like friends. Having a lot of friends puts you at the same risk, but living a life that brings so many good people, or animals, into your world is so much better than living without them.
It is obvious that you enjoy life with your animals and the people around you. Thank you for sharing a very personal moment.

Terry Golson said...

You might have a lot of animals, but you had only one Koo.

DebH said...

I am truly sorry for your losing your buddy. Hardest part of taking care of our animals...I always feel at fault somehow and I know it just isn't true as we do everything possible we can think of for them. You were the best caretaker and keeper that he could of had. You gave him a wonderful full life. You did GOOD! I just had to put down that little doe I had been caring for for the last 4 months...came home to her with a badly broken backleg...unrepairable. I even took her to the vet who was very very sympathetic as I bawled like a baby while he administered her the dose. He knew..we spend so much devotion caring for our babies. I kept telling myself to stay strong with developing a bond, but that little sweet thing got me good. That little baby imprinted on me and I was just devastated. Please take care and know I've been thinking about you.

Goat Girls Rule! said...

We are sooo sorry about Koo. But we agree with Sandy on the "lots of animals" comment. Most folks have 1 dog or 1 cat so there is grief every 10-14 years. When you have more critters, statistically that grief is gonna happen on a more regular basis. Indeed, I would interpret the comment as one of admiration -- that you are willing to open your heart to pain on such a regular basis. Heal well!

Marigold said...

Well, one thing I know for sure. If you are a person who loves animals, as you do, people don't seem to realize that the very fact that you have them and love them means that your heart is open enough to be REALLY hurt when you lose one. A lot of people just don't seem to be capable of that kind of feeling. It says a lot about you, though - the kind of person who makes the world a better place. And, because of your capability of that kind of depth of feeling, your animals respond to that and KNOW you and love you for it. Koo did. But, as the Goatmother says, souls are like books borrowed from the library. Eventually you have to give them back. But you are so much better for having had the experience.

Brenda said...

Knowing your grief at losing Koo still brings a lump in my throat and my eyes tear up. It's been a while since I've lost one of my animals, but that feeling is fresh again when I see one of their photos or someone asks about them. They're all cherished! {{Hugs to you}}

Holly said...

Ouch! There are those who are attached and those who are callous. The ones who are callous don't understand how insensitive that kind of remark is.


WE know how you loved him and how he was an indivdual to you!