Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pig Flip Procrastination

I don't know why every time the pigs need their feet trimmed we procrastinate. It takes 20 minutes when we get right down to it.
We always put it off and then mean to do it but don't. I tell Hubby that this weekend, for sure, we are going to do the pig flip. He agrees and then we just don't.
Maybe it's all the screaming. The pigs scream from the moment you enter their pen until you place them back upright after their trim and swig of worm medicine.
The pig flip is where Hubby runs up behind them and grabs their front legs flipping them over onto their backs into his lap. Then he holds all four legs in the air while I trim their hooves and then top off the torture with a swig of wormer.

Today was the day. We did the pig flip. I trimmed and wormed.

It took 20 minutes.

I'm sure I talked about it more than that.

I know I thought about it more than that.


Brenda said...

I'm glad goat's don't have to be flipped to trim hooves. I'll bet you feel better now that you've got it done. :D

icebear said...

I figured it was the squealing that you were avoiding. I know it would be the same thing for me. I have watched similar exercises done on pigs before and it sounds as though you are torturing them- quite disturbing actually. You'd think the silly critters might get used to it after a few times, but as smart as pigs are, they simply don't. lol

Danni said...

Gosh, even *I* start to cringe now when you mention pig hoof-trimming, just because I remember your stories about the screaming and the agony and the torture they say they're suffering when you try to do this. I don't blame you one bit for procrastinating.
Good job getting that 20 minutes worth of HELL over with. jeez.

Mom L said...

Awww, poor little piggies! They probably squeal because you're hurting their dignity so much! What kind are yours? The first one looks like Porter from another blog.

Nancy in Iowa

Teresa said...

Doesn't sound fun. I agree it's hard to actually get out there and get those little (yet infinitely important) tasks done. My biggest problem is finding someone to hold the goats for me when I trim hooves.

goatgirl said...

They are pot-bellies pigs. They weigh about 80 pounds I'd say.

goatgirl said...

I meant pot-bellied.

Christine said...

One of my goats screams like a pig when it is time to trim his hooves. I completely get the procrastination. I put it off as long as I can.