Monday, February 14, 2011

Curious George Gets a Home

The most darling young couple with an equally darling baby came to the farm yesterday. They have a six acre farm with a couple of llamas and were needing some goats to keep the brush down and be part of their farm attractions. They have plans to put on weddings and parties so the goats will be petted and fed treats.

Sounds like a good life for George don't you think?

George was perfectly happy staying with his momma and 8 months old. He and his companion from Herron Hill, Jimmy Jr, who had just left his mother at 8 months old were thrown in a stall one night to bond before they left for their new home. After the initial shock of seeing a new goat the boys got along quite well. They bonded in their fear of what was going to happen.

Both were wild as only dam raised (for 8 months)kids can be. George cowered by the wall while Jimmy climbed the walls. I couldn't believe how wild George had gotten over the winter. I was worried that when the darling couple saw these wild childs they would head for home...without the boys. I was confident that they would tame down really fast but would they want to take the time?
Undaunted by their thrashing and cowering, the darling couple took the two roommates home and settled them into their new stall and pasture.
I received an email today that the goats are settling in and the darling couple is very happy with them. Jimmy is a treat lover and is taming very fast.

George is still plastered to the wall.


Christine said...

LOL, after almost a year my boy, Luke, still doesn't care for petting. He'll let me give him a scratch if it means he'll get a treat but nobody else can. Then there's Bo who is so friendly he's obnoxious. Goats are so full of personality.

Holly said...

we were talking about your goats last night. You have inspired Courtney to get a goat someday...a little one .... with blue eyes

Marigold said...

George is quite a handsome young man. He'll come around. But maybe he's been traumatized by the loss of his ears? Who can tell.

Heide said...

Good luck George!

Teresa said...

I hope things go well for them. I love the idea of goats and hosting wedding and such. Sounds a lot like my plans.

Chai Chai said...

I've commented this before and will probably do so again, you have the absolutely most beautiful goats.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

That is a seriously cute goat! :)

I really love the pics you post. Such beautiful animals!

Verde Farm said...

He is absolutely beautiful!! I so want to buy 2 goaties from you this spring. Are you all having babies? I can have them transported on an animal transport. These are the cutest little goats I’ve seen. Would just love them :) You can e-mail me at