Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poor Sport

That's me, a poor sport. I have been working with Notty on showing in hopes of showing him at the buck show this weekend. He was doing really well with his standing and walking. I gave him his required shave job and hauled him down to the buck show to show him off.
The show was to start at 7 pm but we got there early to get Notty and Filbert settled in. Filbert came along to keep Notty company and get a tune up on his goat ambassador skills. He was a professional as always.

Notty was a very good boy and after seeing the competition I felt pretty good about my little guy.
Then the night wore on. The show was going at a snail's pace. At ten o'clock we still aren't in the ring yet and Notty started getting very antsy. By the time we walk into the ring, at a time when every good little goat is in bed, Notty had had it. He wouldn't lead. He spun in the air. When I tried to set up his legs he collapsed in a heap...just like any overly tired one year old.
He got seventh out of seven. I couldn't believe it since my only wish was that I didn't get last.
And I got last.....or I should say Notty got last.

He doesn't look like a last to me.

I didn't stay for the two other rings. I was a poor sport and went home. But now I know I can do that.
Every once in a while you can just go home.


Marianne said...

I'd collapse in a heap if I had to wait 3 hours for the show ring. Poor Notty.

We have a sheep named Filbert too. We name our sheep after trees & since Oregon is top grower of filberts (we refuse to call them hazelnuts), we named our favorite wether 'Bert.

Maybe next time Notty.

teresa said...

What a shame. All that work and we can never know how they will react to a strange situation, especially at a time they want to be curled up sleeping. Hopefully, next time will be better (and I know there will be a next time for you).

Terry Golson said...

First you have chocolate. Then you go home. (BTW, I've learned I can't take my chickens to evening events. When it's time to roost, it's time to roost, even if the bright spotlights are on.)

V.L. Locey said...

Gads, 3 hours?? What a long wait! Sometimes they just seem to respond poorly in a strange place.

Gone2theDawgs said...

OH! I'm afraid I'd be throwing a tantrum too if I had to wait that long and way past my bed time!!

I think he looks great! Maybe the judges were grumpy because it was past their bedtimes too?

Where was the buck show at? I'm still not "up" on where and when the shows are.....

goatfarmer said...

Notty looked awesome! We can't wait for his babies to get here! little Notty Pinelings!

Cathy said...

Whose bright idea was it to have a show that starts at 7PM?

I wanna be on the road home by then. Yikes. I certainly don't blame him for pitching a fit. I might be right beside him.

Melodie said...

Poor fellow and poor goatie mom! We have such high aspirations for our kids,human and goatie! Maybe it will go better next time.

Mom L said...

I'm so sorry - but at least you didn't break down and cry like I did many years ago when my beautiful German Shepherd failed his final obedience test! He was just too friendly - on a stand-stay he wagged his tail and followed the judge who had touched him!

There's always the next time.

Nancy in Iowa

Marigold said...

Notty can not be blamed. However, I think some butts are in order for whoever decided to have a show that late. I will speak to Ella. You can line them up and she can take them down. Or I suppose we could employ Boo to sit on them. That ought to get them to see the error of their ways.