Friday, December 18, 2009

Vote For Cora Belle

Cora Belle has been nominated for Goat Of The Year.
Vote please.
She is really not the type that is happy just to be nominated. She wants to win.


Anonymous said...

Where do we vote? I'd vote for her!!

goatgirl said...

Just click on "Goat Of The Year" in the post. It will take you there.
Cora Belle says, "Thanks"

Terry said...

I'll vote if you don't tell Pip. Caper doesn't care. In fact, I think he has a crush on Cora Belle.

goatgirl said...

Please everyone, vote again. There has been a change in the poll so it has been restarted. And I assure you that Cora Belle's not that horrible.

Terry, I'll tell Cora Belle she has an admirer off the internet. She will be pleased.

Marigold said...

Hey, Ho! peanut here! Our family seems to carry that competitive gene. Go Cora Belle!!!!! I'm voting (and voting and voting and voting... :))