Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goat Therapy

Today I finally had an opportunity to talk to the teacher of the class of children with autism about how their day with the goats went. This teacher has a heavy load and a very stressful job, to say the least, but as she spoke of their day with Cora Belle and Filbert a gentle smile came across her face. It was a moment, let me tell you. She said that it was wonderful. They walked the goats all over the school. The kids loved them and C.B and Fil got more than one kiss that day. Shhhh don't tell our school nurse. She'd have had them sterilize their lips. Aside from the kids, I had noticed throughout the day that the staff also took the goats out and walked them around and at one point while on a break sat under a tree while C.B. and Fil munched on grass and leaves. What a calming effect these two little goats had on everyone that came into contact with them.
It seems that a little goat therapy was just what the doctor ordered for this hard-working staff and their wonderful students.


Danni said...

Awwww...sounds to me like you'll be doing this again? It will be interesting to hear the parents' reactions that start coming in. You may find yourself with a second dream job! :-)
So....tell me again how you got CB and Filbert to walk on a leash consistently? They never locked their little legs and refused to go any farther when they see you're taking 'em back to the barn? Or...say...drop to their front knees and just insist on eating whatever was within gobbling distance?

goatgirl said...

farmgirl, I never said that they walk consistently. There is plenty of lurching and pulling...both me and them. But that's all the fun.
About the locking the leg thing....remember what the pack-goat site said? Just keep walkin'
They are goats. Driven by food and whatever random thought pops into their mind. Keep working with them and they will get better. You could also try little halters if you want.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Heidee and I have 3 goats. One of which I want to train as a therapy animal. How do I start?
She knows tricks with clicker training, she is okay with kids, she is pretty good indoors, and she is a nice girl.

Tia M. said...

Hi there, I am a 4-H member doing a demonstration on the all around benefits of goats. I appreciated your story and was wondering if I could mention you in my demonstration. If you would be willing to please email me at

goatgirl said...

Sure you can Tia.