Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mushroom Medley

If you thought this was a recipe you were wrong. I know nothing about mushrooms except that our yard is covered with many different varieties this time of year. Which I know means we have plenty of decaying matter in our soil. I have no idea if any are edible and I am afraid to find out.
Here are a few.....

And a picture of Stormy enjoying our sun this weekend. She had just returned from hunting and bringing home dinner. Two pheasants that I put in the smoker. Smoked pheasant tastes a lot like ham.

See that sun on that apple? Between my mom's apple trees and mine, I have apples everywhere.Can anyone out there tell me how to dry apples in my oven?

I also got to meet a fellow blogger this weekend. We met at my school that her grandaughter happens to attend. My first meet-up with a blogger I don't know. And she turned out to be just what she said she was and not.........a 45 year old man. That is always a joke around here. I warn kids they could be communicating with a 45 year old man when they correspond on line. But she was Clare from Farm Style by Clare. Exactly how I thought she'd be, warm, friendly and like I had known her for a long time. I was so nice to meet you, Clare.

ok there is nothing wrong with 45 year old men. As long as that is what you are expecting:)


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

the Sun was wonderful, wasn't it? I too have strange mushrooms in my yard on occasion... really wierd ones!
It was so nice to meet you this weekend, Wendy! Hopefully we can find a weekend when I come visit the family that isn't jam packed with activities of theirs, so that I can squeeze in one of mine! Can't wait to see your farm!

Danni said...

Cool mushroom pics - I was noticing all the crazy "shrooms" in my yard lately, too. Must be that time of year in the Pacific NW, huh? :-) Isn't the blogging community awesome? How fun to meet a fellow blogger in person - and I'm very relieved to hear that Clare isn't a 45 year old man. Although, I do know a few 45 year old men and they aren't SO bad. lol

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms - my favourite Swedish famine food!!! It's great because you can dry it and bring it Africa and it offers so much taste (and memories!)! Loved your pictures!

Holly said...

Drying Apples
Select firm textured apples for drying. To prepare the fruit, wash and slice into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Pre-treat with a lemon juice/water solution (1 cup of lemon juice to 1 quart of water) or an Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) solution to prevent browning. Place slices onto drying rack. Dry fruit at 135° F. When fruit is pliable and there is no sign of moisture it can be stored in air tight bags or jars. After proper drying, apples and pears will keep in a cool, dry place from six


I've used this myself and the apples were very good.

Anonymous said...

We even had some mushrooms around here earlier in the fall. I don't know how they found the moisture to grow
Loved your pictures.

On the apples, you can also treat them to keep them from turning dark by using 2 tablespoons of salt and 2 tbls of white vinegar to a gallon of water. Put the slices in as you cut them up and then rinse before drying or cooking.
Have you ever made fried apple pies using dried apples. Mmmm.
We always dried apples in the sun but Holly's oven way sounds good.
You have to make applesauce too, now.
Have a good day.

Marigold said...

The only ones the goatmother would trust (of the mushrooms...not 45 year old men) are the Shaggy Manes. However, thusfar she has not been brave enough to try even those. Me, I don't do mushrooms unless they come up with one that tastes like a Peanut.

Gone2theDawgs said...

I'm with you on the ingestion of mushrooms...I love them, but I'm afraid to pick my own.....My sister, who lives on the coast of OR, had some of those little red mushrooms with the white dots on them? I always thought they were imaginary to go along with the does that mean the gnomes are real too???

Country Girl said...

Great mushroom pictures and your lab is a beauty! I have met one other blogger that I did not previously know.

Anonymous said...

You're last comment made me laugh and that is a good thing after a particularly stinky day! (And I don't live on a farm!)

Sidenote-I have a yellow lab (really!) and I call him the truffle hunter. He would probably be dead if he lived at your place!