Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Time for a little spring cleaning. Stalls get cleaned out and a fresh layer of shavings down. Cobwebs are swept away. And Koo gets a haircut.

Here he is before

And here he is after

Our only goal is comfort so he looks a bit ragged. This is the first round of haircuts. When it gets a little warmer we will do round 2. I managed to save a nice bunch of it for the gal that gave me the pigs. Although Koo's fiber is no where near the quality of Penne's. Penne's cut will come another day.

Here are some other shots I took around the place

Cora Belle Adorable

Penne's favorite spot to relax

The girls checking out the dog

The Dog

Light Brahma chicks

Speckled Sussex chicks....see the first speckle

Goat doing what goats do best.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your chickens sure have grown! They look beautiful already.

And Koo. What a character. Everytime I look at him, I'm reminded of my funny, sweet Catlinite.
Did Koo trim willingly. Or did he put up a battle or struggle?

Penne is such a pretty lady, too.

I did the same as you today: raked, mucked and cleaned the barn and pens, and then laid down fresh straw. Everything looked so pretty and brand new when I was done.

And as soon as I was done, two goats and a sheep came in and peed and pooped on my hard work! hahaha

goatgirl said...

twinville, Koo hates to be handled. I did most of the trimming in our chute. He is complaining and trying to spit at me the whole time. So no he doesn't trim willingly.
I am really enjoying my Speckled Sussex and Light Brahma chicks. They are much more friendly than the previous batch of chicks. I have them in a chicken tractor so they get lots of grass and bugs and are very friendly compared to my Americaunas and Silver Laced Wyandottes. My Red Star and Black Star are pretty friendly too.

Anonymous said...

Cora Belle is such a sweetie! She is beautiful.
Love the haircut on Koo! The bushy tail makes it:)
The Brahma Chick and the brownish one look like the two chicks we were trying to identify for the girls. I am glad I know what they are now. Thanks
Have a great week!

Danni said...

I love that little puff ball tail Koo has now. How in the world did you manage to dodge llama spit? You are indeed talented! Great pictures...your speckled sussex are gorgeous! Why do you think your second batch of chicks is friendlier than your first?

goatgirl said...

Isn't that tail the cutest! Llamas give you enough warning that they might spit so I don't get spit on. It is definitely an art:)
I just don't know why this batch of biddies are friendlier because they spent the first few weeks of their life in with about 30 other chicks. My other group was pampered in a brooder. It may just be the type. My Red Star and Black Star are very outgoing too. The Americaunas are just bird brains.

Danni said...

My Black Stars are tough birds...if I had to come back as a chicken, I'd choose to be one of them. They are big, smart, and energetic. Ameraucana is still my little Sparrow will still cuddle with me in my lap. Just goes to show you -stupid or not- them birdies have got personality! :-)

goatgirl said...

It is so funny that they have different personalities.
I told hubby yesterday, "I love my chickens." He doesn't quite get the attraction.

Danni said...

Now, see? If only we lived closer to each other. I can sit for hours enjoying my chickens...I talk about them, detail their antics, make special food for them...and I can practically see my husband kindly suppressing his yawns! How can we get along so well but have such different interests?? For him, I'd truly be the PERFECT wife if only I'd talk Ham Radio stuff with him for days on end. Talk about a YAWN! :-) :-)