Thursday, May 22, 2008

How It's Made

On the Discovery Channel is a show called "How It's Made". Usually I find it very interesting, how they make the most ordinary object but tonight they had a very disturbing story on hatchery chicks. They are actually moved all through a conveyor belt system that has no dignity or regard for life. They are thrown and tossed along a belt, thrown through chutes, shook through screens and sprayed with antibiotics. I was appalled and Hubby was too, as he wandered through the room. I sure hope Murray McMurry doesn't handle the chicks that way.
One interesting thing I did learn was that when they sex the chicks they pull out one wing and if the two sets of feathers are uneven it's a pullet if they are even it's a rooster. I watched several people do it and wish I had baby chicks to test it out. I wrote it down so I would remember next year. I wish I knew that a few months ago when I picked out my chicks.

Maybe I wouldn't have gotten two Roo's.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a fascinating show! I knid of knew that chicks tended to be treated quite rough, almost as if they aren't living creatures.
BUt I'm so glad that I dind't have to watch it on TV. How sad....

Does it matter which wing? And at what age the chicks are sexed?

I'd like to sex our new Polish and Silky chicks.

goatgirl said...

They were doing newly hatched and it didn't appear to be a certain wing.

goatgirl said...

twinville see if your chick's wings are different and then let me know when they grow if this works.