Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Boys

There are three wethers that call our small farm home. Moly, the pygmy that came to stay when his pasture mate died and Rowdy and Riot, the first Nigerian babies I had and couldn't part with. They were so tiny and precious. The neighbor made me an offer but I refused. They have grown to be much larger than any self respecting Nigerian should be and eat more than their fair share. But will follow you anywhere, and stick their noses into all of your business. I am glad that they stayed.
I feel a bit sorry for the wether in general. The by product of goat raising that people buy as pets and then lose interest in a few years later. I see a lot of them advertised lately. They always say "good home only, not for meat"
I know a lady that raises goats for meat. We talked about selling the babies for meat and she said that she felt better about selling the wethers for meat because they had a good life up until that point and so many wethers live terrible lives and are passed around. I got her point.
I remember a Saanen wether, at my brother-in-law's farm, that was tied to a tire. He was hired out to eat blackberries. So he spent all day tied to a tire that he had to drag around. Then off to the next farm. Poor Buster.

No worries. We have our share of useless males around here.

There is and white belted boy with a couple of snaggle horns. Good dehorn gone bad. He's the snoopy one. Always has to have his nose between the hammer and the nail.

There is Riot......because he is a riot of color. He has always been a bit standoffish. As a baby I did the TTellington Touch on him. Anyone heard of that? Well it worked wonders. He now enjoys being touched.

Then there is Moly................Saint Moly as he is known here. You will not find a sweeter goat. He is in touch with his feminine side. See the earrings? What a place for wattles!

And Koo (not a wether but the llama version of one)............tall and stately but runs at the sight of a pig. What will he do to a coyote? Heaven only knows.

So let's hear it for the boys. They just want to be that so wrong?


Danni said...

Awww, I loved meeting "the boys".
Right after I read your post, I went off to craigslist to look for animals and animal stuff. I had never heard of goats being forced to drag tires around until I read your post, but dang, here's another one...


goatgirl said...

Sure enough.....tied to a tire!
By the by, that doesn't look like too bad a deal. Button up that goat house and give the guy a call.
Two does and I love Toggenburgs.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

YOur boys are all adorable and have such great stories. What a good critter mama you are!

And farmgirl, I agree with goatgirl, go save those goats and start your critter farm now.
As you know we got our first goat on CraigsList and saved her from hell. We love her dearly and she is so sweet and seems to know that she was rescued, too.

Your goat house and critter barn are both just aching for animals to come fill their walls.

farm mama said...

I agree with Twinville. You just need to jump in and do it - the animals need you. My daughter (DCV) about made herself sick analyzing all the do's and don'ts of having goats and chickens, but finally took the plunge and realized it's okay to learn as you go (of course, she has the advantage of having a wonderful goat mentor).

Marigold said...

We, too, have our share of boys. Well, I guess we put up with them. I suppose I love them. They are fun for me to butt eventhough I have been trying to keep to my 12 step programs. The goatmother loves them. They always get extra cookies. That's okay. As long as it isn't the Peanuts.

goatgirl said...

farm mama, your daughter is doing an awesome job of learning as she is doing. That's is actually the
4-H motto, speaking as a 4H leader.
Learning by doing, there's really no other way.
You have been an enormous help too!

Marigold, of course you love the boys, they give you interesting things to muse about.

twinville, I am addicted to craigslist. It is amazing what you can find. In a few weeks I am getting another llama. She is brown gray and white. I will post a picture of her. Straight off of craigslist. Can't wait to see what Koo thinks of his new girlfriend.