Thursday, January 17, 2008

Conversation with a 9 year old

Knowing that Pavel's grandmother raised chickens for meat and eggs, I asked him at school one day, what is the best kind of chicken for eggs. The conversation went like this............
"Pavel, I am going to get some chickens for eggs. What is the best kind of chicken?"
"I don't want to give you my chickens!" exclaimed Pavel.
"No, I don't want your chickens. I am just asking what kind you like."
"Well," Pavel said. "I like the black and white speckled ones with the orange beaks because they are nice when I pick them up."
"Oh, so they are calm?"
"Yes, but if you want the pretty eggs you have to have the pretty chickens."

So I'm thinking he has Barred Plymouth Rocks and Aracaunas.


Danni said...

Ha ha...very sweet. On March 6th, I'll be picking up my Barred Rock, Araucana, and Rhode Island Red chicks!! :-)

Let the chick-rearing season begin!!

goatgirl said...

Pavel would approve! I have owned all three kinds and like all. Araucana being my favorite.
Have fun.

deconstructingVenus said...

ha ha! I think you're right about which kinds he must have. or the speckled ones could be wyandottes, as thats what they look like too, but maybe not as common as the barred. i have to say, my Ameracaunas are putting the wyandottes to shame! So far i've gotten 11 green eggs (well, 10 light green and one dark green) and 4 brown. which is weird because the wyandottes have across the board done EVERYTHING weeks before the Ameracaunas. ???

goatgirl said...

I am pretty sure I'll be going with the Aracaunas. I like the Easter eggs. Although I saw an ad for two 8 month old Jersey Giants and was intriged until I saw the size of their eggs. Huge! I'm not sure I want an egg that big.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

haha! Too cute! Yeppers, I'd say Barred Rock and Araucanas.

We have 14 week old chickens and are very excited to find our first eggs in the coming months.

We, too have Barred Rocks(2), as well as Ameracaunas(3), Silver-Laced Wyandottes(2), Rhode Island Reds(2), Brown Leghorns(2), and our favorites: Speckled Sussex(2).

Enjoying your Blog!

Laughing Orca Ranch
in NM

goatgirl said...

Thanks twinville. I hear NM is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic kid!! Is he Czech? Pavel is one of the most popular names here.