Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mrs. Robinson

Yesterday baby buck got to meet the herd. We got home pretty late so he slept in a huge dog crate and had no idea there were other goats around. He is so tiny I have to keep him safe from the pushy, bossy gang of goats.
First lets talk about Semi Sweet my chocolate and white Nigerian doe. She has not kidded in a few years and it hasn't been much of a problem until this year. She is dying for a husband. She doesn't care who she shows affection too. No one is safe when she gets in the mood. Lately, to his dismay, it has been Moly (as in Holy Moly). Moly is an 8 year old Pygmy wether that we took in from a friend when his companion died and he needed a goat herd, fast. He has never really fit in though and lives on the outskirts of the herd. But, to him, it's better than nothing. In the last week though Semi Sweet is trying her best to rape him. He is so confused as she chases him all around the pasture making her best love noises. So I am anxious for Baby buck to grow up and take care of this problem.
I took Baby buck out of the crate and let all the goats get a good sniff. Everyone took a good sniff and went on their merry way. You see there were more important things to apples. Everyone except Semi Sweet. She took one sniff and her eyes popped out of her head. She stuck out her tongue, said UUUUUUUH and about knocked me and baby buck over. Then she would not leave him alone. I put him in the pen with Moly, who by the way was very kind to him. But Mrs. Robinson was all over that pen trying to get in. Poor Baby buck just wanted a mother figure and you know what Semi Sweet was looking for!
I think Moly has finally found a friend and a job, chaperoning.


deconstructingVenus said...

oh this is so funny. i just made my husband read it and even he said it's hysterical. so its that easy for you to tell when your does are in heat? my angora must be retarded or something. she's mildly interested in my buck, at best. maybe they're just still too young.

goatgirl said...

Lucy and Louie must be a bit young. They'll figure it out. Semi Sweet has it ALL figured out.