Monday, March 8, 2010


I like that word so much I think I may name a kid Potpourri, maybe a spotted one with lots of different colors.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Kind of like the weather. Today the sun was out and it was snowing. I have Friday off because it is a snow day unused. Wouldn't that be ironic if we had a snow day and had to go to work on Friday to make it up.
Anyway, we are nearing kidding time.

Buttons is due the 27th give or take a few and Cora Belle is due a week after. I think Buttons may have one or two. She is not huge. Cora Belle is getting huge. She may fall in her mother's footsteps and have triplets. I can feel the kids kicking in there. It still gives me a thrill to feel that little hoof kick my palm and I know there's life growing.

The hens are making a liar out of me and filling all the saved egg cartons. We are getting more green eggs this year thanks to "Little Brown Hen"-the hen that hatched last summer. No small pullet eggs for this gal. She gives me huge bright green Easter eggs. So pretty I had to get a new egg basket, so it's Easter every day. I have bid on those cute little Jiffy egg scales on ebay but the last one went for 35 dollars. I got a Hansen milk scale for 12 dollars...that's about as much as I want to pay for anything. Cheep and cheap.

Filbert is in love with the little white goat. Which isn't surprising because the little white goat is a merry little goat that seems to be able to deflect any sort of conflict. We all love her.
But Filbert really loves her.

She is such a know the type.

Speaking of the little white goat, isn't she pretty?

I don't care how a goat looks in the show ring (now that's a lie) as much as I do when it is standing in the pasture, where it will be 98% of the time.


Holly said...

I love your goats, and I am glad you have them, not me.

goatgirl said...

ahhh Holly, you don't know what your missin'

Feral Female said...

Such great pictures of your goats!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

She is a pretty girl!

I would like to have green and blue eggs. I might look into it this year.

Flo de Sendai said...

Hello, from my blog, I clcked on the top, on "to the next blog" and arrived here !
What a wonderful blog !!!
Full of animals and colors, full of beautiful photos....I like it very much !

Marigold said...

At least she doesn't butt Filbert like Ella does Watson. She is not completely white, but close. I think Watson would like to trade Ella for little Elle. :)

Queen Quattra said...

I can see why Little Brown Hen is laying green eggs. Look at the color of her feet!! Now let's get some ham out to go with those green eggs! Not for me though, goats don't eat least I don't! :)

goatgirl said...

Thanks Feral!

I highly recommend green eggs Sheryl. That is the only way it can be Easter every day. And green is my favorite color.

Welcome Flo from Japan! I was happy to see your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I see you like Corgis. We have a few Corgi fans around here.

Marigold, Watson would love the little white goat and if he didn't she would just stay out of his way until he did. All goats should take a lesson from the little white goat.

Queen Q, she is an Americana/Gold Laced Wyandotte mix. Her eggs are green.....just like her legs.
We don't mention the "H" word with the pigs around.

spinsister said...

wow goatgirl, you have a fan in Japan. Thats really cool. The goats are beautiful! Happy kiddining(?)

goatgirl said...

I know spinsis, Don't you just love technology?

Cathy said...

My theory is that if other people don't like the way our animals look in the show ring, too bad. We pay their feed bill. Breed what you want to look at. If you are trying to breed to the latest trend you're never going to catch up.

Happy kidding! I can't wait to see what Potpourri looks like!

Queen Quattra said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I was just quoting that Dr. Suess...wierd guy anyway! Besides, who would want to eat "H" with your lovely, green eggs anyway...Not me!

spinsister said...

mos def!