Monday, March 1, 2010

Cora Belle Immortalized

First read here

See what came yesterday...

This is my favorite part...

She is perfect right down to her blue eyes.

Now there will be no living with Cora Belle. I wonder if she will feel it when I stick a pin in.

Thanks Lisa.


Anonymous said...

I did read Lisa's post. How sweet is she?

Cora Belle probably has a big head now.
Great job Lisa.

Have a good day.
(Oh, and I feel much better about White Ears and the other bucks leaving now)

Marigold said...

OOoo. A VooDoo Goat. I guess she better watch her step now.

Holly said...


I love it. Don't go sticking any pins in VoodooCora!

Melodie said...

Hmmm..a voodoo goat...maybe that will be next Christmas hot item! Everyone will want one under the tree!

Brenda said...

How special is that! Congratulations to Cora Belle!

I read Lisa's post. She is a sweetheart for creating this Cora Belle pin cushion. She does very beautiful work!

Don't stick too many pins in her! Well ... maybe only when she's not being nice to the goats with no ears! :D

goatfarmer said...

wow. that is so awesome. she looks just like apolo ohno.