Thursday, March 25, 2010

Musical Goats

The Button's trio is having a hard time deciding where to live. Over the last few months, we have been working on a small shed for Buttons to have her babies. It's a quaint little shed made entirely of recycled materials and is perfect for a goat to raise her kids. The trouble is Button's doesn't think so. She hates the little Button's house. She wanted to be back in her lean-to with the other two thirds of the trio.
Back she went to her lean-to where she settled in and started eating and the kids played...yes already...they buck and play!

Alice and Reese were very curious through the wire gate but I couldn't let them in because Reese was too rough. So I plopped Reese down in the big goat pen and figured I could put the gentle Alice in with Buttons and family.
That worked for about a minute as I saw a vet bill flash before my eyes. The little white goat wanted no part of that and was going to get out of there and back to her trio if it killed her. Literally.
I put Alice and Reese in the little Button's house. They screamed so loud and Button's called so long she forgot she had children.
They ran over to the gate of the lean-to and cried to get in and Button's cried for her ladies in waiting. I ended up dragging two igloos to the front of the lean-to gate.
One for Alice and one for Reese.

They made it quite clear.........They don't like camping.


Holly said...

is this the first babies for her?

Feral Female said...

They are not creatures that like change are they? Mine get greatly disgruntled when they have to make any kind of move.

Brenda said...

Ya just can't split up Best Friends!

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet story!