Saturday, March 13, 2010

It Takes A Village

There is a lot to do when you have a farm. Even a micro-farm like mine. Last weekend the goatjudge came out to the farm to draw blood for the annual CAE and CL testing. I thought it was great fun and she's a pro. I held the goat while she did the blood work. Each vial was carefully labeled with the goat's name then carefully packaged and shipped off to the lab.
I can just hear the lab workers say, "We have another Alice"
I was happy to get a call from the nice gal at WSU to tell me that the tests were negative. One of the rare times a negative is a good thing.
It was also time to clean out the stalls. I use the method where I just pile on the bedding and leave the wasted hay until spring. It turns into a soft, warm, comfy mound but come spring it's backbreaking mucking out. Now Hubby is a great shoveller so I enlisted his help with the shoveling while I ran the wheelbarrow. After he got over the shock of how much hay the goats waste he did a real quick job of it. I would have given up halfway through and thrown on some shavings but he dug the whole thing out down to the stall mat....I hadn't seen that in months.

We have to get ready for Buttons to deliver at the end of the month.

I am going to predict that she will have one buck. I really want a doe out of her but she's not very big so I can't imagine two fitting in there, making my chances better for getting a doe.
But I really want a doe-a Rebel daughter.
Cora Belle on the other hand is getting very big. I could see her having triplets. I want to keep a blue-eyed buck out of her so that's what I'm hoping for.....along with two doelings. She is looking tremendous in the milking department, as is Buttons.

I am going to have me some sweet candy milk this year. Anyone for a latte?


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Really? Are you taunting me? You know for a fact that I'm having some of that milk. Just sayin'

Brenda said...

Yes, it looks like you're going to have some sweet milk soon! My favorite thing to have in the mornings is a latte made with my sweet goat's milk. Yumm!

Your girls look really good!

Holly said...

oh heavens...those poor girls look enormous to me!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

They do look huge! Good luck with the kidding and good job on all that shovelling!

Feral Female said...

Latte sounds delightful goat girl!

goatgirl said...

I really don't know how to make a latte:)

Mom L said...

lambs and kids all over the internet! My favorite blogs are producing babies - I have to live vicariously through you! Emma thinks I'm nuts. I'm trying to wait patiently for your babies, since obviously you are even more excited!

Nancy in Iowa

Marigold said...

Now really. Did you have to get CoraBelle's backside? I am sure she is incensed. No woman wants that angle - and on the internet! Oy. said...

I followed Farmgirl_dk over here... your goats are just beautiful! I can't wait to see the baby goat pictures.