Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fil Does The Farm Tour

Today was the annual Key Peninsula Farm Tour. For the third year in a row Filbert has been an attraction at Gentle Giant Meadows Ranch, where Shire horses reign supreme. Filbert is the candy goat. He carries his pack of chocolates and tempts children (and middle age women craving chocolate) to look in his pack. Fil has always been a professional goat and has taken his job seriously. He is almost a celebrity and has appeared in our local paper. People remember Fil in his handsome brown, white, and black coat with his green pack and matching collar and lead.

This morning when I went down to load Fil he looked a little dubious. I could tell he was thinking, "hmmm it's the first of October. I know what this means"

And he ran.

I chased him all around the field until I caught him by the collar as he hurried by. We wrestled all the way to the car and I hoisted him into him crate. He muttered pitifully as we drove.
When we got to the farm and I let him out he shook with anticipation of a day of children getting in his personal space.
I know just how he feels.
He continued to shake a bit as we set up but after awhile he settled in and ate some hay that was sticking out of a feeder nearby. As the crowd started to gather I had to hold Fil while the kids came forward to select a candy out of his pack.
Then Fil got a taste of the chicken feed that the kids carried around in small bags to feed the chickens. He somehow forgot his fear and gently nibbled food from their hands.

He hardly noticed them digging in his pack for a chocolate and started to enjoy himself.

As the day wore on he started to relax and appeared to be, once again, taking his job seriously.

Then he got full.

It was like a switch was flipped and Fil was ready to go. Just like that. Time to go. Filbert drug me to the car and when I opened up the back of my Jeep he dove into his crate-the same crate I wrestled him into earlier that day.

This may be Fil's last farm tour. I will start taking applications from the other goats in the herd to fill the position of the candy goat.

Anyone want to apply?

How about you, Buttons?


Peggy said...

Love it!!!

Terry Golson said...

I didn't know that goats could get full. My goats say I should let them into the chicken feed and they'll do a scientific experiment and let me know.

Kelly said...

Awwww poor Fil. I guess service has to be voluntary or it just ain't the same.

Michaele said...

Oh bless you - and him. What a day!

goatgirl said...

Don't listen to them Terry. Fil got full mostly on carrots as I had to cut off the chicken feed. Too much chicken food can make them sick. One time Cora Belle and Filbert got in the chicken coop and ate their fill from the large feeder and got very sick. It wasn't pretty.

Marigold said...

Hey, Ho! Peanut here! Listen up bro'. That coat ya' got? DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let Pebbles see that! On second thought, if you're really looking for a replacement ... I'm just sayin' ...

Terry Golson said...

Don't worry - I don't listen to them at all. My goats don't get near the chicken feed! I do let them indulge in green beans, and they've developed a taste for green tomatoes, but I limit those, too.

Amish Stories said...

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