Monday, October 17, 2011

I Heart Goats and Fall

Fall is one of the goats' favorite seasons...with winter being their least favorite of course. Goats don't do rain and Washington has more than its fair share of that in the winter....and the spring...and the summer....and the fall. Wait that's all year. Sorry Texas. If I could send you some I would.

The goats do leaves though and Sunday was a good day to wander the farm and eat leaves and fir boughs that hit the ground after an early fall wind storm.

I call this photo Milk and Eggs...

Pepper Ann is happy to be out and about. After all my complaining about no one wanting her, a nice couple at the fair wanted to buy her and I wouldn't sell her.

The Tiny Giant poses on his favorite vantage point. Please ignore the ugly blanket thrown carelessly over the fence. That is the pigs' blanket...yes we have pigs in a blanket.

Yes, it's fall and you know what that means. Bring on the ladies.


Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Yep, fall is the time for love for us caprine lovers, isn`t it? I heart goats and fall as well!

Marigold said...

Who are we kidding? Fall is the time for Peanuts. Oh, wait, ANYtime is the time for Peanuts. By the way, is that one tiny brown spot on the front of the Tiny Giant or just a trick of the camera?

goatgirl said...

Marigold, That is blood. His pen-mate Pepe had just knocked off his horn scur and he bled on the Tiny Giant.

Teresa said...

Beautiful pictures of the goats! Mine have been pigging out getting ready for winter.

Anonymous said...

Your goats are wonderful! I have four Nubian Wethers and they are loving life right now. The heat of summer is gone and Winter hasn't arrived yet.
You're right about them not liking rain. I thought it was just because they are "California" goats. LOL!
Anyway... great post with great photos.
Enjoy the Autumn weather.

Sara Schumacher said...

I love your blog!! AND your beautiful goats!! :) I will be reading a lot more... I need to know as much about goats as possible, we want to add one or two to our family in the next few years <3

SuperMom said...

Love your "milk and eggs" photo!! and love the blog, enjoy your day, and you are right...FALL is wonderful!!