Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Harvest 2011

My mother has a small apple orchard with one lone pear tree. Every year we have to harvest those apples and the one lone pear tree. To get this done without a lot of work on our part we have an apple harvest party. Friends and family are invited.

Food is served.

Apples are picked.

with a lot of posing

Pies are baked.

Cider is pressed.

more posing

Everyone goes home with a box of apples and a jug of cider.

This year was extra special because I had my kids home.

Oh no, more posing...


Melodie said...

Looks like a great time! Oh my...all the things I could do with my own orchard..!

petoskystone said...

& lovely weather you had, as well :)

Marigold said...

What fun! And by the bridge. Good thing it wasn't windy. :) I hope you saved some apples for the goats.

Michaele said...

Those apples look so good! What a fun gathering. Love it!

Jewel said...

What a great ritual to have in your family! Apples and cider are such an October tradition for us too. Looks like you all had fun and good food.

Clare said...

It looks like wonderful family time, Wendy. You had great weather for it, didn't you?

Teresa said...

What a great fun family harvest! I am so disappointed that I didn't have a single apple this year.