Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Break In

Taking advantage of a break in the weather, I let all the goats out into the main pasture so they could eat fallen leaves and branches. The goats bucked and danced as they headed for the food. I, of course, left Notty in his chain link pen.
After watching The Pioneer Woman on Bonnie Hunt I headed back to put the goats back in their pen.
As I entered the pasture, my thoughts sounded like this...
"Why is Alice by herself down there?"
"Oh, there are the other goats"
"Is that Notty?"
"It is Notty" "How'd he get out of the reliable chain link?"

I walked around to Notty's pen and the gate looked like it had been attacked by a monster. Bent and twisted. I would like to say that Notty was such a he buck that he pushed his way out and had his way with the does.

But the wire was pushed in.

And Semi-Sweet has a suspicious worn spot on her head.

I may be busy 5 months from now


Holly said...

lust......errrr, love will find a way!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh exciting!
And naughty, naughty Semi-Sweet.... *snort*