Sunday, April 24, 2011

That's Farming

Cora Belle had her babies today. Easter babies. One survived but the other didn't. I had a foreboding about this delivery. Cora Belle's due date came and went. Something wasn't quite right but on Easter morning she finally went into labor. The first kid was huge. Two feet presented without a nose so after some unproductive pushing I put a finger in but couldn't really find the head. So I put in a few more fingers and felt around. There was the head all right but it was as big as an Alpine head. How was that going to get out of that little hole?
With a whole lot of pushing and pulling that's how.

So with a whole lot of pushing and pulling, out popped the biggest kid I'd ever seen.

And right on his heels came two little black legs. Breech and not in a sack, the next came tumbling out.

Right away he was not breathing right. He had inhaled while inside. His lungs were full of fluids. The goatfarmer rushed over with all her bag of tricks but in the end I wrapped him in a towel and gave him back to Cora Belle so she could lick his little head until he took his last gasp.
My 11 year old nephew helped me bury him. He wrapped him in the towel and gently laid him in the grave we had dug. Tenderly, he arranged him so he would be comfortable and we said a little prayer.
What a shame to have gotten that far and to then not make it.
But that's the unfortunate part of farming.


Sandy said...

I'm sorry! Your right it is a part of having a farm but it's the part that really sucks. I'm glad Cora Belle will still have one (evidently rather large) bundle of joy.

Marigold said...

We are SO sorry! But at least the little one is in good company now, up there jumping about with Grandma Belle.

small farm girl said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I don't like that part of farming either. But, at least you still have one to watch bounce around.

Teresa said...

So sorry to hear you lost a baby. That's always hard, but it sounds like you did well to save mom and one baby.

Chris said...

Awwwwe, it's always sad to hear about the little ones that didn't make it but doesn't sound like he suffered at all and least Cora Belle still has her big boy to love!!

goatfarmer said...

He was a beautiful boy. But he just couldn't stay.

Danni said...

I'm so sorry, Wendy. :-(
That's really hard. Poor lil guy.

Chai Chai said...

I am so sorry for you and your nephew, I was reading this aloud and had to pause several times as I was choking up. God Bless.

Phyllis said...

It just makes me cry.