Thursday, April 28, 2011


Cora Belle's boy has been named Lucky. Lucky I was there to get his big head out. His full name will be Minter Bay's Easter Island. His sire is Easter Jackpot born on Easter so it is only fitting that Lucky , also born on Easter, will also have Easter somewhere in his name. It was suggested I name him Easter Island after the blocky heads that inhabit the island. I liked it. If you could have seen his big head trying to be born you'd like it too.

Lucky is much larger than Button's three week old kids.

He's a big galumph of a guy right now but I see a stunning boy in the future.....whenever he can get control of those tree trunk legs.

and if you squint just right that might be a heart on his knee


Terry said...

Years ago I worked on a Trakehner breeding farm. Lucky reminds me of those big, leggy foals. Took a long time to mature - mentally and physically. A certain charm to the lunkheads, though. And so gorgeous when they grew up!

Millie said...

Lucky is a perfect name for him, and I do see the heart. He is one handsome guy.

Marigold said...

Lucky is a nice name. However, I can see you have been spending entirely too much time with the goatfarmer seeing as how you are naming him one thing and actually calling him another. At least you didn't have a poll. :)

Phyllis said...

I like his name...and he definitely is one lucky little guy.

I just read about the crowing hen - so funny!

My little goats are doing great; stop by and see them. Thanks again for all your encouragement during delivery night.