Monday, July 7, 2008

This and That

The nursery pen is finished. Cora Belle and Filbert have been checking out their new jail. As they call it. Remembering that early on Filbert was dubbed Herron Hill Don't Fence Me In, they wasted no time looking at all the sides to see if there might be a way out. There was a lot of pacing and hollering and looking at the top rail to see if they might possibly jump over. I decided to put Semi Sweet in with them to see if her mothering touch would calm them down. It seems to have done the trick. Semi Sweet thinks these are really her kids but she just forgot having them. It will be a great pen for them now and in the future if we have more babies it will be a good place for moms and their kids.

There are stumps for standing on..........

A tree for chewing on............

And a Chihuahua can get under the gate.

I also got my first egg(s) from my new girls. I noticed my favorite girl, Ramona the Brave, in a stack of motorcycle tires that I had thrown some plastic bags in. I picked her up and this is what I saw....

So all the girls will be locked in their coop until they learn where to properly lay an egg. Which, here, means recycle boxes full of hay. I am slow in getting my nest boxes made and I am into reusing things. I heard a new word the other day that describes me perfectly. Freegan. Yep that's me. I love to take things that people don't want and use it. It is amazing what people throw away or get rid of. I was at the feed store the other day and saw a sturdy wooden dog house with a "free" sign on it. I had them throw it in the back with my hay. It is perfect for the goats. It has a removable top so you can clean it easily. I am going to throw a coat of paint on it and put it in the nursery pen. Semi Sweet has already claimed it as her day sleeper.

Don't tell Hubby but I left the window rolled down in his truck and this is what I found when I got in. Notice how clean he keeps it. It took me forever to get all the cat hair off the seat. Doesn't she look cute?

This is the only one he allows on his seats.


Twinville said...

hehe, too bad chi's don't shed! Then you could have just left the hair there. :)

I love that term Freegan. I like to find stuff noone else wants and reuse it, too. Some stuff is still so useable, but the people just want it gone. That's a wonderful dog house. What color will you paint it. Semi is so cute peeking out of that opening.

Another great fence job at your place. And that nursery is amazing!

Twinville said...

Oh! I almost forgot! Congrats to you and Ramona the Brave for the first egg/s (are both of them hers?)!!! Yahooo!

goatgirl said...

Oh but Chi's do shed. Lots of tiny hair. But that pup can do no wrong in Hubby's eyes.
I don't know what color I'll paint it yet. It will depend on if there is a nice unoffensive color in the stack of mismatched paints at the Home Depot:)
I do believe they are both Ramona's eggs. She has always been the first to do everything.I am really sold on the Red/Black Stars. They are great chickens.
Thanks for stopping by twinville. Are the boys home yet?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Love your pictures! That is a beautiful new pen ...good work you guys!

And congrats on your first eggs, Chicken Sister!!! It looks like our girls are running on the same schedule! Although, my first layer is my Buff Orp. My two Black Stars aren't giving me "the signal" yet. If I had to guess who my next layer will be, I'd guess it would be one of my Barred Rock girls. They're doing the same stuff Spongebob was before she laid the first time.

Your kitty looks SOOOO can your husband deny her that luxurious spot to take a cat nap? LOL

Great find on the dog house - that's in great condition!

Twinville said...

Alas, no they're not home yet. Another 8 more days. wah!
Thanks for asking. I really do miss them more than I thought I would.

I bet the goat house is going to be so cute when done. I still need to paint our chicken house with the 'ooops paint' I picked up at Home Depot last Fall! haha
First we had winter to stop me from painting, now we've got rain every afternoon.
I did get the opportunity to waterproof it with Thompsons' though.

I almost bought some red /black stars. I liked that they're bred to be easily sexed since we weren't planning on having any roos. Ramona the Brave is also such a very pretty hen.
We're up to 17 chickens now, though, so there's a moratorium on chicken buying. haha

Heidi said...

LOL - the cat in the truck is great! I have done the same thing - but hubby found out.. *gulp* The dog doesnt shed though? My niece has a chiwa and the frigin thing leaves hair all over the place.
The nursing pen looks GREAT!! Have you ever had a fainting goat? I did and they are SO much fun - but I have a warped sense of humor. One day I sneezed while feeding them and they BOTH tried to take off running and fell over!!!

goatgirl said...

Farmgirl aka Chicken Sister, No eggs yesterday although Ramona was protesting loudly about being confined to her pen and not able to lay her egg in her motorcyle tire nest. My Black Star, whom I call Black Star, hasn't laid yet either but boy what a big girl she is. I should get some honkin' eggs from that girl.
Hubby claims he is allergic to cats but I don't buy it. I think he just isn't a cat person.

Heidi, Yes the Chi sheds but Hubby love, love, loves him so he doesn't mind. And no one can shed like a cat in summer. And see above answer to farmgirl about his so called "allergies." Ya right.
I have never owned a fainting goat but they are very cute. I'm sure if one came my way I'd take it in.

Anonymous said...

The fence looks great! I bet they get the most fun out of the stumps.Don't they? My goats love anything to climb on.
And yes, she did look cute on that seat...Hairs and all.