Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Raising a Ruckus

His name is Ruckus and apparently he has been raising one while I'm at work. I hear this from a friend of a neighbor. She says he cries all day. I just don't know where to put him where he is safe from the seemingly fatal head butts. He wants to be with the big goats so bad. So today I just put him in with Moly. A few head butts later Ruckus was following Moly around the pasture. Sort of like "Everywhere that Mary went"......kind of stuff. Moly tried to talk him out of following him by turning sharply around and rearing in the air and pretending to butt. But little Ruck stood his ground and Moly gave up. I want them to bond so Moly can keep Ruckus company and it looks like it is going to work. It has gotten cold here in Washington the last few nights and I have been going out about 10 pm to make sure the little guy is warm. The kitties think this is great fun and run around wild like we are having a party. Ruckus is always warm. A friend once told me that goats want a sleeping buddy to sleep with at night. Poor Ruckus doesn't have one and I feel bad for him. I am very sentimental. I had also heard that Christmas Eve is the night the animals talk so ever since I was a kid everyone has a clean stall and plenty of hay that night. Just in case.


deconstructingVenus said...

oh my word he is so cute. great, name, btw. poor baby is lonely. its hard to tell how tiny he is from the pictures. how much would you say he weighs?

goatgirl said...

I would say he weighs about 10 pounds at this point. Poor baby is lonely. I wish I had another baby. His sister was very cute and I was tempted but she is related to him...obviously....and I need another doe unrelated. Besides someone else wanted her. Last night when I went down he wasn't crying because he was with Moly. They even ate out of the same bowl. It will be better, in the long run, if he bonds to Moly anyway since that is who will live with him. Sort of like his "cabin boy" he he he

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Happy New Year, goatgirl! Thank you for your very nice comment on my blog - it made me really smile. Would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine under my "Blogs I love to read" section?
Are you guys having the same crazy wind that we are right now?

goatgirl said...

No crazy wind. The weather has been beautiful here the last couple of days. I even did yard work today!
Yes, you may link my blog to yours. I am glad you enjoy it. I have had writers block the last few weeks. I think I am just way too busy over the holidays.
Happy New Year!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Thank you! I do enjoy your blog very much...I think you've helped me decide what breed of goat I would like to have. Your little NB's are the most gorgeous I've seen and it seems like they have personalities to match. You are now a 'favorite blog to read' on my blog. I'm hoping your writer's block passes soon, as I'm anxious to hear new stories and see new pics! :-)