Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flippin' Pigs

One of Keith's chores is doing the pig flip so I can trim their hooves. With Keith out of commission and with the hooves needing trimming I took a couple of friends up on their offer to come help.  I'd do the flipping and Molly would do the trimming. Molly trains horses, she can handle a couple of short-legged  pigs.
I had never been the pig flipper so I was a little nervous. They are heavier than I thought and there is really nothing to hang on to. The idea is to come up behind them, grab their front legs and then gently lay them back in your lap.

It is a chore I spend more time thinking about than it  actually takes to do. I think when you see it you will understand.


We tend to draw a bit of attention when flippin pigs.


Jenny in MN, now in AZ said...

oh dear... Thanks for the videos. I wonder what all the other piggies were thinking about that whoas me cry... I hope you had ear plugs in. :)

Terry said...

They're smaller than the goats, but so much louder! Too funny. I'm sure that Keith is resting easier knowing that the goats have had their pedicures :)

petoskystone said...

Those screams of 'OMGI'mbeingkilledslowly' do have a tendency to attract an audience. ;) How heals Keith? How fares Willows' Young Man?

Carolyn said...

Yikes! It must take nerves of steel to work through that squealing. Thanks for a very interesting post

Holly said...

Well now. That squealing just unlisted them from my Gotta Have list!

Marigold said...

Aren't you glad we goats don't squeal? Oy.

Queen Quattra said...

OMG!! And I thought I put up a fuss when I get my hooves trimmed...at least until the peanuts show up! Wouldn't that work for them??? And all this time I thought they were smarter than us goats...just goes to show ya...right Marigold??
PS. I did feel kinda sorry for them...poor lil things...so worried!